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seeing giraffes

seeing giraffes

pushing Omi

pushing Omi

Any Signs of Life? Print E-mail
Friday, 04 November 2005

We’ve experienced another first in Madeleine Land; the Extended Nap.

 Starting at three months, Madeleine began sleeping through the night with only the occasional spurt of mid-night wake ups, but ever since she sorted out her nights from her days at a very early age, she’s been a terrible napper.   
I began trying to introduce daily naps at roughly the same time when she was about four months old, and the longest I’ve ever gotten her to go is about 45 minutes; usually she’s out for 30 minutes then up and wide awake!  This leads to a need for more frequent naps, and a cranky baby more often during the day.  Everything I read tells me she should be napping about an hour in the morning and TWO TO THREE HOURS in the afternoon!  Do you know what I could get done with two free hours???  I spend her 30 minute cat-naps frantically getting everything done that I can!  I DREAM of multiple-hour naps!
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Happy Birthday to . . . Me? Print E-mail
Friday, 28 October 2005

My first birthday as a mother.  Here’s what I did:

 I slept late.  I got up and ate pancakes.  I took a long hot bath. 

Then I woke up.

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Baby Steps Away Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 October 2005

Yesterday, Madeleine took two steps away from me.

 Not physical steps; she didn’t magically stand up and walk on her 4 1/2-month-old legs.  But she began her journey to independence from me in two very real ways:
  1. Madeleine ate her first grown-up food.  True, it was only a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with a lot of breast milk, but it was the first time she put anything in her body that I didn’t make.
  2. Brian and I both left the house.  Together.  Without her.  For four hours, she was in my mother’s care, and not within earshot of at least one of her parents, again for the first time.  And what was worse, when I called to check in, I could hear her cooing and giggling in the background!  No crying, no anguish, no loneliness.  Which is good, right?

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Former Secret Service Wanted Print E-mail
Monday, 17 October 2005

Anybody know any private security firms that specialize in stroller walks?

Madeleine’s been so alert and interested in her surroundings recently that she’s imitating an owl, twisting her head as far around in a perfect circle as she can go while I’m wearing her in the Bjorn.  So I thought it might be time to crack open the “big girl” stroller, our forward-facing Maclaren.
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Comfort Foods Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 October 2005

Pacifier or thumb; the age-old debate never ends.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), many times the child decides for herself.

Brian and I originally decided to try for the pacifier; we reasoned it would be easier for us to control, and help her to use it for comfort rather than habit.  When Madeleine was just a few weeks old, it became clear she occasionally needed to comfort suck at not always workable times, and my finger just wasn’t cutting it.  We tried several different brands and types of pacifier, and she would have none of them.

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