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"Pop Fly" Hits Home Run Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2008

For those of you not up on your tot rock, Justin Roberts has a new cd out – Pop Fly. Since Madeleine loves all things Justin Roberts, she received a copy of the album for her birthday a few weeks ago. The verdict?

Two enthusiastic toddler thumbs up.

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Music You Won't Hate Print E-mail
Monday, 15 May 2006
The votes are in, and apparently we’re a hip group of mommies who know our own minds. Last week’s poll focused on your baby’s music, and those who voted all said Baby gets to listen to whatever you want to have on the IPOD! No tuning in to the purple dinosaur’s greatest hits, apparently.

I totally understand where you’re coming from; our generation of parent seems to be unwilling to give up intricate music and sophisticated lyrics for Pumpkin, and a whole genre of music affectionately known as Tot Rock has sprung up in the past few years to meet this need.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog lamenting the crappy music choices available to babes these days and said we’d mostly stayed with adult music she seemed to enjoy bouncing to, with a few notable exceptions (see previous entry).

But we’ve had friends with great music taste give us CDs of kids’ music that’s bearable (high praise indeed, I know), and Madeleine does indeed seem to enjoy songs that are geared specifically towards the munchkins’ mosh pit, so we’ve girded up our musically snobby loins and ventured into the multi-billion dollar world of toddler music.

The verdict? They don’t all suck.

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What’s On Baby’s Playlist? Print E-mail
Friday, 20 January 2006
Why is it that most cds of baby music sound as if they were not just written for babies, but written and recorded by babies as well?
I received a cd of “Christmas Music for Infants” last month.  Intrigued, I looked at the songs listing: what new songs had been written with the baby POV for Christmas?  “Aren’t Swaddling Clothes Tight”, perhaps, or “Time to Wake Mommy and Daddy”?  Imagine my surprise when I learned that Christmas music for infants is the exact same music adults listen to, with one very important difference; baby Christmas music is played on rinky-dink instruments and about half speed.  Apparently, that’s what makes it baby music.

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It Ain't Just Caviar Print E-mail
Monday, 09 January 2006
You know you’re a parent when you hear “Beluga” and don’t automatically think “caviar.”  My girlfriend Abby has a few thoughts on the subject of that baby-culture phenomenon/parental lifesaver known as Raffi – click to read more and enjoy!


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Moving Forward, Reluctantly Print E-mail
Friday, 14 October 2005
I can’t believe Madeleine’s four months old.  Time is flying so fast and she’s not sitting still for me.  We have to start thinking about solid foods already!  I thought I’d be throwing a party in celebration of moving to solid foods, but I’m already sad that soon I won’t be all that she needs to keep growing big and strong.  It’s her first step in moving away from me, becoming truly independent.  It sucks.
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