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seven months old!

seven months old!

Sunny Stephen

Sunny Stephen

Intake and Output
The Pooper Wipers' Results Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 April 2006
 I’ve only been doing the poll a week and I’m already slipping. I forgot to get the new one up at the start of the week. Better late than never! This week’s poll:

How long did you continue to make people wash their hands before holding your baby? And be honest!

Last week’s poll, covering the all-important poop topic, had people pretty cleanly divided (ha ha). Only one person confessed to being stingy with the wipes and using only 1 or 2 for cleaning up a poopy diaper. I say, God bless you for being frugal instead of fastidious.

The rest of us were evenly split between using 3 or 4 – staying clean but not going overboard – and using 5 or more. Seems there are a bunch of mommies willing to spend the pennies if keeps them away from the poop.

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The Cutest Girl I Ever Saw . . . Print E-mail
Monday, 03 April 2006

. . .was sipping water through a straw.

We’ve been trying to get Maddie to take a cup for a while now. Our doctor’s not keen on giving baby regular supplemental drinks while she’s still breastfeeding, but Maddie needs to learn how to drink from something other than a bottle for those times when she’s constipated and we’re desperately trying to get prune juice down her. (Hint for other mommies: use prune juice instead of water or breast milk to make cereal!) So we’ve been offering sippy cups and such for months now.

She simply has no interest. Try the sippy cup without the membrane and it pours over her face like a fountain – which, I might add, is fine with her. Try the sippy cup with the membrane and she gnaws on it like a chew toy. In all fairness, we’ve never offered her juice, which could well encourage her to drink from a cup, but we’ve made a decision not to give her juice early on and I can’t see going back on that just to teach the kid how to drink a glass of water.

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Sufficient Unto The Day Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 March 2006

As I think I’ve mentioned a dozen times in the past week or so, Maddie’s heavy into finger foods right now; they are her favorite new game, new learned skill to show off. Finger foods make mealtime go much more smoothly. I’ll also confess here that I will occasionally offer Cheerios or diced fruit if I need her to sit still while I get things done, even though it’s not a meal time. Since the booster seat is now where she sits when she “helps” Mommy cook, Maddie will sometimes cast her eyes downward, expecting to see a food tray, and then look at me as if to say, “I’m bored.” What do I do if she’s exhausted all her kitchen toys and I’m a good 15 minutes away from being able to let her loose? (Nope, haven’t finished babyproofing the kitchen yet.) Crack open the dried snacks.

Now this’ll seem off-topic, but bear with me for a second. When Maddie went for her 9-month checkup she had blood drawn to test for lead poisoning, standard here in New York. Since we just had construction done, I was convinced I had released irretrievable lead dust particles into the air and permanently damaged my daughter, though there was no factual evidence for this theory

whatsoever. We got the blood results back last week, and Maddie’s completely clean.

So I’ve been casting about trying to find something new to worry obsessively over and came up with the whole “feeding her when she’s not hungry” thing. Am I teaching my child that food is a place to turn for comfort when she’s crying and I offer her a Cheerio? If she’s bored and I give her a fruit puff, am I setting her up for a life with an eating disorder or an unhealthy attachment to food? Am I being a bad mommy by using food to baby-sit my child? After all, these first couple of years are laying the groundwork for how she views and enjoys food for the rest of her life. No pressure.

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The New Currency of the Kingdom Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 March 2006

While it may be true that you can't buy love, kids make a convincing case that you can buy an insanely flattering facsimile: let's call it buying brief bouts of obsequious adoration.

Or at least contented quiet.

Yes, finger foods are the new currency in this family, guaranteed to capture her attention and turn her from beast to beauty.

Maddie's been going strong on finger foods for a couple weeks and it's her new favorite hobby. Every meal I offer her must have the balanced nutritional palate I've always done, but include enough finger foods to satisfy her new independent streak. She'll oftentimes get only a few bites into her bowls of fruit or veggies or meat before she starts turning impatiently from side to side, gesturing imperiously at her tray as if to say, "Woman! Why is my tray empty when my belly is full? Get that spoon out of my face and bring me some CHEERIOS!"

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Taking The Finger Food Plunge Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 March 2006

Although Madeleine’s been eating solid foods for over three months now, she just started finger foods about two weeks ago; I held off giving her finger foods until after her nine-month checkup. She’s not gotten any teeth yet, and I was worried that you needed teeth before you started tackling food that requires chewing. And while I was hesitant to start with the finger foods before having an official “OK”, I was also dying to see my adorable cherub feed herself, so our pantry was fully stocked when we headed to the doctor’s office in anticipation of that “yes” vote.

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