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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Since moving to Texas six years ago, I’ve been very fortunate to find a small group of neighborhood friends to go through parenthood with me. In our neighborhood we have seven other families with children almost exactly Maddie and Cora’s ages; moms who tolerate my crunchiness and willingly watch my kids when I have a babysitting crisis; and dads who like to play rock music and video games as much as Brian does. This core group is very dear to me: the children are rock solid besties with my kids, and will never leave each other out, and I know my gal pals ALWAYS have my back.

Yes, we are all super close. And yet my children know they are not EVER allowed to get into a car with one of those dads unless there’s someone else in the car, too.

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Fast And Filling Breakfasts: The Egg Pancake Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We’ve been talking over the past week about the breakfast dilemma: namely, how to get a hot, filling meal on the table without getting up at the crack of dawn on a school day. Last week I gave you the recipe for homemade (and fast, once they’re pre-made!) egg mcmuffins, and today I give you another egg-based recipe – the egg pancake.

This is high on protein and super-low on difficulty. It’s not a crepe-like pancake, but a thick, hearty one. This recipe makes one egg pancake, which the girls will split most mornings along with a glass of juice and perhaps a slice of banana bread; if they’re super-hungry the girls might eat a whole one for lunch, for example.

My grandmother gave this recipe to my mom, who passed it on to me, so forgive the fact that there are no exact measurements here. And there are only three ingredients: egg, cottage cheese, and flour.

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Fast and Filling Breakfast: The Un-Egg McMuffin Print E-mail
Friday, 15 November 2013

We’re talking about how to get a hot, filling breakfast on the table in fifteen minutes or less. Today’s the first installment, and while it’s not under fifteen minutes prep time, it’s waay less than that in the morning, so here goes.

I’m a big believer in cooking ahead – I try to double a recipe and freeze half, or spend one morning every couple of weeks preparing a few big meals. I also like to cook ahead – do some prep work – on the weekend to get ready for the coming week: I love serving good meals, but hate pulling them together in the evening.

Same goes for mornings.

So for our breakfast mcmuffins – and these are a favorite of my husband’s – I do all the work ahead of time and all you do in the morning is assemble.

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What's For Breakfast? Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 November 2013

All this week Maddie’s been doing some standardized testing in school – the things we hate but have to go through to keep our state funding. And every night when Maddie has me sign her homework folder, I see where it says in big letters: GET TO BED EARLY TONIGHT. EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST TOMORROW MORNING.

And Maddie has said, anxiously, “I need to eat a good breakfast tomorrow!” To which I reply, “Maddie, you always eat a good breakfast.”

“Oh, yeah,” she says, “I do.”

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Natural And Easy Immune Boosters Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 November 2013

‘Tis the season for colds and flus and allergies, and I find myself hovering around Defcon Three sometimes in my hyper-alertness for signs of sniffles and such.

We weathered Cora’s case of the croup remarkably well last week, using only natural home remedies and getting her back on her feet super fast. And having remedies on hand to help treat an illness is great- but having something on hand TO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GET SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE is even better.

We do a few different things here: first, we take natural vitamins that are pretty much just dehydrated fruits and vegetables. We don’t take them all year long, since we eat a ton of produce – both fruits and veggies – when we’re making smoothies multiple times a day. But when the weather turns cold somehow an ice-cold strawberry/blackberry smoothie just doesn’t hit the spot. So our vitamin regime starts back up.

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