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Walking the Line

Walking the Line

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boyz in the hood

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The Final Verdict On the Sickness Thing Print E-mail
Friday, 10 January 2014

It’s been a wild ride this week: Maddie’s had a severe case of hives come and go – and come again on Wednsday, only to leave again Wednesday night. She’s had horrible stomach cramps all week, throwing up Tuesday night and being hungry and wanting to eat, but feeling the pains intensify every time she put water in her stomach. As a result, she’d eaten nothing since Monday morning and could barely walk.

I’ve spent the week thinking the hives were a side effect of the flu shot, and going back and forth on the stomach thing: was it a virus? Was it part of the flu shot? If this was all a reaction to the flu shot, would next year’s flu shot be high risk? Should I have insisted on getting the exact flu shot I wanted, and not the one they had when they’d run out of the one I wanted?

By Thursday morning I’d worked myself into a fine case of Mommy Worry, with a nice helping of Mommy Guilt on the side. People are dying here in Texas of the flu – relatives of friends of mine – so the flu and the shot are no small topics of conversation around here.

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I Wish It Was Just Hives Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 January 2014

Maddie stayed home yesterday – but not because of her hives.

No, I treated Maddie with some of my natural remedies Monday night, and Brian and Cora said extra prayers for the girl, and Tuesday morning Maddie was hive-free. After the doctor had told us it’d be two weeks before the hives went away.

Unfortunately, Maddie DID wake up with severe stomach cramps –so strong that she couldn’t stand up.

Maddie had mentioned her stomach cramps to the doc on Monday, who had said they could be part of the flu reaction working its way out of every system. And I clung to that hope all day yesterday –right up to the point that Maddie started throwing up.

Looks like the stomach bug has also hit our house.

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Hives Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Maddie came into our bedroom late Sunday night complaining of being itchy all over. Myself being sleepy all over, I told her to climb in bed with me and go back to sleep.

Monday morning she woke up looking like she had little bug bites across her trunk. Unsure as to whether or not it was bites or an allergic reaction, but not seeing anything severely wrong, I sent Maddie off to school with crossed fingers.

By the time Maddie came home after school, the poor girl had giant hives – I mean, a single hive four inches across – in her armpits, across her chest and back, down her legs, and starting onto her neck. Pretty certain by this time that it was a reaction of some kind rather than bites, but wanting to be sure, I took Maddie straight to my dermatologist to get an expert’s opinion.

The verdict? An allergic reaction to her flu shot.

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. . . And We're Off And Running Print E-mail
Monday, 06 January 2014

Yes, I took an entire two weeks off of writing, so if you’re still with me you’re a true friend. And honestly, there were several times when I had the urge to sit down at the keyboard and type out a story – some incredibly cute thing my kid had said, or insanely profound thought I’d just had on parenting. And promptly forgot.

But I resisted that urge, partly out of laziness and partly as an intentional stepping away from everything non-essential in my life for a couple weeks. I’ve had an intense two weeks nesting with my family, and have resisted anything resembling closet re-organizing or long-term projects around the house, trading that in for another round of UNO with the girls.

We’ve had a great two weeks and I won’t say I’m not sad that the girls are going back, because I’d be lying. I love those little monkeys and wish we could hang around and read books and explore together all day long. But realistically, that won’t pay the bills and CPSC would be breathing down my neck pretty dang fast about the astounding lack of math in my “unschooling curriculum”.

So it’s back to the school routine we go, all of us (temporarily) sated from lots of sleep and snuggles.

Only two and a half months to spring break . . .

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Christmas Breeeeeaaaaaak, Baby Print E-mail
Friday, 20 December 2013

Yeah, you heard me.

Today is Pajama Read-In Day at school, which means the kids come in pjs and bring books and basically read all day. Some might call that a prison sentence, but my kids call that Christmas Come Early.

We’ve got PJ Day today, then we’re Christmas caroling in the neighborhood in a years-long tradition with friends, then we’re going to see Nutcracker on Saturday, then Santa on Sunday, then . . .

You get the picture.

We’re diving in deep and about to have a BLAST.

Bring it!

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