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Serious Snacktime

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gabbing with Naomi

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Feelng The Crush Print E-mail
Monday, 18 November 2013

I’ve always resisted the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier every year – I’m a decorate-the-tree-on-the-24th kinda girl. And by 24th, I don’t mean “of November”.

But now that I’m a mom and my life is more complicated, I find November to be my biggest crunch month – the month when I do all the running around and shopping and prepping and pre-holiday stuff. Not that I’m dying to start singing Christmas carols: it’s just that I resent having my entire December taken up with busyness, and I try to get some of that out of the way now.

For one thing, we mail off probably a dozen large boxes of gifts to out-of-town friends and family: close friends we’ve stayed in touch with over the years; family members in various states; missionary friends we want to encourage with a taste of home for the holidays – that sort of thing. So I’ve got to have gifts ordered, delivered, wrapped, and ready to go in early December.

Plus, of course, the massive amount of baking I do for my friends and family. Gotta have that done for the boxes, too.

Then you add in end-of-semester shows for my students, waaay too many Nutcrackers to attend for my other students, school parties, teacher gifts, neighborhood parties – the list is endless.

And we can opt out, clearly, of many things. But even after opting out of what feels optional, we’re still left with a large pile of things we want to do and only a few weeks in which to do it.

So I’m in high holiday gear here, acutely aware of the fact that Thanksgiving’s NEXT WEEK PEOPLE and then it’s three weeks to Christmas.

Let the hyperventilating begin.

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Pre-Emptive Loneliness Print E-mail
Friday, 08 November 2013

My mother left Thursday morning for a week in her old hometown and a high school reunion.

The girls began working on her “welcome home” banner Wednesday night.

Yes, before she’d left.

Can you say “attached”?

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Never Ask A Kid A Question . . . Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 November 2013

Once a month I come in and teach a little art appreciation class to my daughters’ classes. The whole thing is already put together for me, and I just have to show up and interact with the kids. Being somewhat (ahem) comfortable on the stage, I enjoy these opportunities to engage with the children.


Yesterday I taught a class on Pop Art, and threw out several questions, as is my wont. After two years of teaching this course, you’d think I’d have learned – don’t ask them a question that might have more than one answer.

Here’s a sample. Enjoy.

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The Tooth Toll Continues To Rise Print E-mail
Monday, 04 November 2013

I don’t know quite how this happened, but the girls lost a total of three teeth on Friday.

I know, right??

We went to the dentist Friday morning (yes, I’m the sadist who makes her kids go to the dentist the morning after Halloween) and as the dentist did a routine cleaning, one of Maddie’s teeth popped out. The staff made such a huge deal over the whole thing that Cora began determinedly working at her loose bottom tooth, trying to match her sister.

As Cora sawed away at her lower tooth, the dentist told me it was time to forcibly pull Maddie’s loose upper tooth; it’s been loose for eight months but going slightly crooked behind her other front tooth, so we could never work it loose enough to come out. We’ve been giving it time, but we’d hit the point where it was causing her adult tooth to grow in crooked, so we knew it was time to pull the plug on the whole Let Nature Take Its Course thing.

So Maddie got a dose of laughing gas and numbing shots, and that top tooth finally came out. The staff presented Maddie with two tiny plastic tooth cases shaped like mice: our dentist is from Mexico City and apparently Mexico doesn’t have a Tooth Fairy, but Ratoncito, the mouse who comes and eats the tooth beneath a child’s pillow.

Cora thought this was SO cool that she began struggling once again with her loose tooth. The hygienist finally took pity on the poor child and gave Cora a little mouse box for when her tooth finally came out.

Which happened that afternoon.

Cora worked for a good ten minutes after school, and the poor tooth finally came out. So the girls went to bed that night with one tooth under Cora’s pillow and two under Maddie’s.

The tooth fairy is officially broke.

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Already Working On Her Wish List Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cora’s decided to get an early start on her Christmas list, and apparently all she wants for that holiday is her two front teeth.

Yep, she lost her second front tooth yesterday.

She would have lost it even sooner but she’s been doggedly hanging on to it for DAYS, intent on losing the thing at school. See, when you lose it at school you get a little plastic treasure chest to put the tooth in, and a sticker that says “I lost a tooth today!” to wear for the rest of the day.

So Cora’s been walking around with that front tooth literally hanging by a dental thread. She went to school yesterday with that tooth hanging crooked out of her mouth, hanging on by one teensy slender root. In fact, she kept trying to shove it back in the socket to make it look straight, and avoided biting into anything that might tip the balance.

Cora got her wish, though, and managed to wiggle it out during lunch. So now my baby’s got that heartbreakingly-grown-up gap-toothed smile.

And all I want for Christmas is my baby back.

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