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Changing Habits, One Meal At A Time
Wednesday, 12 March 2014

We try to eat healthy in our house. We definitely don’t eat enough vegetables, but we’re working on it. And the girls understand that I’m happy to let them have a cookie – as long as it’s one we’ve made ourselves. We’re working on understanding that homemade junk food is way better than store-bought junk food (and I use the word “food” loosely in that case).

Sometimes it’s hard; sometimes I think I’m lecturing waaaay too much, or turning my kids into those weird children who will sneak out of the house on a Friday night just to have a Twinkie. And then chew a piece of gum when they come home to disguise their breath.

I worry about finding that balance between not making food SUCH a big deal – it’s just what we use for fuel, no more, no less – and making sure they understand the importance of what we put in our bodies. I worry that they’ll fear food, and become paralyzed in a 7-11 when they’re 16 years old and off with friends. I worry they’ll develop a Dorito habit and hide the bags as they come in the house.

In short, I think about this a lot.

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Overheard While Vegging
Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Yesterday while the girls watched the intro to one of their favorite cartoons, they listened to the theme song and had the following conversation:

Cora: “The electric guitar is too overpowering in this.”

Maddie: “I agree. They need to bring the electric down and bring up the percussion.”

End of conversation.

Apparently, we bring the girls with us to worship band rehearsal way too much.

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Savings, Schmavings
Monday, 10 March 2014

Seriously? Who invented Daylight Savings Time, anyway?

I remember when we were first confronted with the whole DST “thing”, when our firstborn was a toddler. School wasn’t an issue, no real schedule to have to follow, but I remember that feeling of panic when I thought about Maddie being up one. More. Hour. Every night. Even though the clock said “TEN” her body would still be thinking “NINE”, and do you what that would mean?

She’d be awake. And unhappy. And wanting Mommy.

And Mommy? Would just be wanting that one PRECIOUS hour of non-kid time that had been stolen from her every evening.

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Sewing Conversation
Friday, 07 March 2014

Last night we were spending some quiet time as a family post-dinner: Maddie was busy setting up a school in the living room (she’s been teaching Cora grammar, multiplication tables, and cursive this week, and though she should make it official) while Cora and I snuggled on the couch. Cora, always fond of sewing crafts, has been working diligently on her very first cross-stitch project, and she chose to sit in my lap while she sewed so I could help with mistakes.

Who was I to argue with that?

At any rate, here’s what went down:

Cora (frustrated at the thread’s constant avoidance of the eye of the needle as she struggled to change thread colors): “Thread, you are annoying me like a bee sting on an aching leg!”

Me: “?”

Cora: “What? It’s a metaphor.”

A few moments later, Cora was threaded up and starting a new section. As she wove her needle in and out of the grid, she said: “Now thread, please behave and I’ll be has grateful as a farmer when his crop yields a full bounty.”

Me: “????”

Cora (exasperated and smug, an annoying combination): “WHAT? I find imagery helps me be better understood. Can’t a girl sew and use a simile at the same time?”

Sure, kid. ‘Cause that’s what every six-year-old does.

Did I mention Maddie taught grammar this past week?

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It's A Miracle
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Both of my girls have come home from school in a good mood TWO DAYS IN A ROW.


Pigs are flying, aren't they? You can tell me. Be honest.

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