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So What Did You Do Last Night?
Monday, 03 February 2014

Last night for our house was Superbowl Night – or, as my kids see, it, the One Night A Year They Get To Watch Commercials.

Some of them.

Yes, we still record the game and watch it live so we can pause and skip commercials. Do I think they’ve never heard of bad guys and fires and serial killers?

I hope not. But even if they have, I’m not going to sear more images in their brains. I already get enough late-night nightmare-induced visits to my room as it is.

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Friday, 31 January 2014

Cora’s been down about her best friend being out of town for two whole weeks, and if there’s one thing that’s been just as consistent as Cora’s moping, it’s her sister’s kindness.

All week Maddie’s been solicitous towards Cora, putting up with Cora’s crabby moods and showering her little sister with attention. A couple days ago Maddie made a fake restaurant in the living room and “served” Cora her afternoon snack off a tablecloth, providing a menu from which to choose and everything. Maddie’s been patient in the morning when Cora’s surly and snapping as she contemplates another day without the bff, and truly I’m seeing Maddie rise to the occasion and live out the role of Big Sister like I’ve never seen before.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cora’s best friend has taken a leave from school for a two-week vacation, and Cora is, in a word, bereft.

She left school on Friday, climbed into my arms, and burst into tears, having just said goodbye to her friend. Cora was able to put it out of her mind for the weekend, but when Monday morning came a thundercloud followed Cora around all morning. She stalked darkly into school, and if I’d thought a day at school would help I was wrong. When she came out she was barely talking.

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It's Different When It's Your Own Money
Monday, 27 January 2014

Our family first went to see FROZEN over Thanksgiving break, and we’ve been huge fans ever since. Such big fans, in fact, that for the first time EVER we paid to see a movie a second time IN A FIRST-RUN THEATRE, over Christmas break. The girls have matching FROZEN shirts that say “Sisters Forever”; we’ve bought (and memorized) the soundtrack; and we’ve downloaded all the karaoke tracks so the girls can do their own performances.

We’re FROZEN fans.

So when the girls got gift cards to Target for Christmas, I wasn’t surprised that Cora wanted to spend hers on the FROZEN dolls. As we walked through the store a couple days before New Year’s eve, Cora was tense with anticipation to hunt down and find the sisters.

And then disaster struck.

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Way To Aim Low, Baby
Friday, 24 January 2014

Last night Maddie was reaching the end of her limit homework-wise. She’d been given several assignments at the beginning of the week that were all due today, and she spread them out probably more than she should have, saving two long-term assignments for last night in addition to studying for two tests. By the time Maddie was in the final stages of her homework, several painful hours later, she was d-o-n-e with the whole thing.

Maddie worked a bit on her final assignment, a brief summary of what she’s been reading right now, then said to me wearily, “Can I read this to you and you tell me if it’s good enough?”

“Good enough for what, exactly, baby?” I asked.

“Good enough for me to not have to stay in from recess to re-do it tomorrow,” she said.

I see she's already learning from the "do just enough work to not get in trouble" school of ethics.

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