Because Mama Said So
Tuesday, 15 April 2008

It seems that clothing designers have finally figured out that moms can still be cool and funny; for the past few years I’ve seen a rush of clever slogan t-shirts aimed at mothers, and have even reviewed a few of my favorites. But as the market has become saturated, I’ve been turning down requests to review new products; there simply didn’t seem anything new out there except more whiney t-shirts hinting at overburdened, underappreciated mothers, and I couldn’t find a reason to encourage you to buy them.

A few weeks ago, though, I stumbled across a new line called Mamaisms, and I liked it so much I actually wrote to them and asked if I could review their shirts. Their slogan, “Mamaisms: Because the World Needs A Dose Of Common Sense” resonates with me, the shirts are good quality, and more important, they put their money where their mouth is.

First, here’s the deal with the shirts: they’ve got cute but understated slogans that we all heard growing up but have a deeper layer of social consciousness to them, such as “Keep It Clean”, “Use Your Words”, and “Do The Right Thing”. The graphics are cool and modern but not overbearing, and while right now you can only get short-sleeved, the long-sleeved and tank tops are coming soon. Check them out, and you’d buy them for the cuteness factor alone.

But scratch very lightly at the surface of their website and you’ll quickly learn this company is about more than selling cool tees. Started by two moms, Mamaisms is committed to ethical work practices, fair trade, and supporting family charities. Five percent of all proceeds go to The Child Advocacy Commission and The Parenting Place. And since their t-shirts are made from environmentally and ethically sound practices, you realize these people are practicing what they preach.

I’ve got “Use Your Words” and “Play Nice”, but am saving up my allowance to go back for the “Keep It Clean” shirt as well. So if husbands are casting about for a hint as to what to get you for Mother’s Day, send them this blog and be done. You’ll look cool and support a good cause all at the same time. And moms are nothing if not multitaskers.

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