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Independence Day

Several months ago I read about a family that periodically does and Independence Day: one day with no restrictions and no help. Eat what you want when you want, but make your own meal, get out your own bike, solve your own fight with your sister. We were intrigued with this idea and discussed it as a family, and decided to have our own Independence Day. We looked for a date on the calendar with no commitments and settled on Memorial Day.

So for the past few months Maddie and Cora have been planning and plotting their Independence Day with all the care and precision of a military maneuver. They’ve been saving up money so they could bike to the store and buy the BIG boxes of candy Mommy never lets them buy. They’ve negotiated a complex system for determining who gets to pick each movie during the day, and worked out who will spread the peanut butter and who’s in charge of the jelly while making lunches.

They were ready.

As Memorial Day grew near, I realized I may need to spell out a few ground rules when I overheard Cora enthusing about all the friends she was going to have over. Ahem.

So Sunday night I printed out our Independence Day rules and posted them on the wall where we hang all important family communications. Here they are, in all their glory:
Independence Day Rules

1. The house must look the same at bedtime as it does when you wake up in the morning. You will need to clean up all toys, dishes, cooking utensils, etc.

2. You are still responsible for your usual chores, including maintaining the litter box, feeding your pet, and emptying the dishwasher.

3. Common courtesy rules still apply: no taking something of someone else’s without permission, no rudeness, etc.

4. If something is NEVER allowed on a normal day, it’s not allowed today. This includes but is not limited to: using power tools; drinking caffeinated drinks; going outside dressed inappropriately; jumping on furniture; internet surfing; physical violence.

5. If you are having trouble with something you may ask an adult for verbal help. If you still cannot make it work you’ll need to move on to something else. This includes but is not limited to: operating the television; finding something on the computer; cooking a recipe; getting out your bikes.

6. When using the stove or oven there needs to be an adult present. An adult should handle all sharp knife needs. If you leave the house and yard, an adult should accompany you.

7. Fights between sisters will need to be resolved on your own. An adult will not intervene. The exception here is physical violence: being physically violent with each other will promptly bring an end to Independence Day.

8. Bedtime is still 7:30, with lights out at 9. Any problems with bedtime will mean no future Independence Days.

9. HAVE FUN!!!

Wondering how Independence Day went down? Tune in tomorrow –


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