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Top 5s
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Top 5s

Welcome to my Top 5s page! If you're short on time, these lists are what I consider the best of the best in every category. I've done all the research and testing for you, so all you have to do is click on a link. Keep in mind I live in New York, which obviously defines my needs in some areas like travel gear. Please let me know if you've got a suggestion for a Top 5, and of course you can always email me with any questions about my choices.

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All -Around Baby Sites

One Step Ahead
One of my all-time faves for developmental toys, babyproofing supplies, and things that make a parent’s life easier.

Good selection, good sales, bland display. Easy registry section as well. Free standard shipping on purchases over $75!

A parent-run store that encourages you to buy well rather than often. Very well chosen selection.

Sensational Beginnings
Probably the best selection of toys I've found online. And while the online store is difficult to browse through, the mail catalog is great. All ages, educational, fun, great prices.

A cool baby store located in NYC and San Francisco, their online store has a choice selection of higher-end gear.

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Baby On-The-Go Gear

The best piece of gear for walking Madeleine through her colic, this is the front carrier with the best back support I’ve found. Make sure you buy this one - the Active or City carrier. Unlike the less expensive version, this Bjorn has lumbar support, which makes it totally worth the extra $30.

Kangaroo Korner pouch
The only sling Maddie will tolerate. Soft and snug and oodles of fabrics to choose from, this is much more tailored to you than most.

Maclaren Techno XT stroller
I just can’t justify the Bugaboo, but the Maclaren earns its price tag with its sturdy wheels and super light frame for carrying up and down stairs. Keep in mind as I recommend this that I live in an urban area.

Skip Hop diaper bag
A reasonably priced diaper bag with straps to specifically snap onto strollers, this is stream-lined, functional, with pockets for phones and water bottles. Durable cotton, lots of colors, and you’re not embarrassed to be carrying it in Manhattan. Try it, and you'll never go back. Note: they make bags for double strollers now!

Mobile Moms
These New York mommies make the best stroller blanket I’ve seen – waterproof and windproof, very toasty and lightweight – and a kangaroo cuddler to go around the bjorn or car seat.

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Hip Baby Clothes Sites (Beyond Children’s Place and The Gap)

For the hip, urban baby – definitely not frills and lace! Angelic Genius and Space Baby are my favorite brands here.

Baby Laundry Boutique
A very wide selection of great brands

Baby chic 101
Perhaps the end-all of baby clothing sites, with links to every brand possible

Uncommonly Cute
Totally cute t-shirts and onesies with slogans like "Miso Cute" and "Word to Big Bird"; for preemies through infants.

Baby Rock Star
Outfitting the newest generation of rockers in retro rags with wickedly funny slogans - takes me right back to the 80's. Sizes baby through youth.

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Funky Baby Boutiques
These are the places I turn to for cool gifts or one-of-a-kind bibs and such. These sites all have clothing, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! Make note of this list for birthdays and Christmas and showers and . . .

My Retro Baby
Fresh ideas inspired by the past- cool items with a retro feel. One of my favorite places to turn to for unique baby gifts.

Hip and Little
One-of-a-kind baby gifts with one of my favorite maternity tees as well - "I Am Not Buddha - Please Do Not Rub My Belly!"

Arty Pants
Some of the most original work I've seen - my favorites are the Crib Rock Couture and the Brand New onesie that says, "Las Grandma's - What Happens at Grandma's, Stays at Grandma's".

You're Such A Baby
A contemporary but vintage-inspired newborn layette and playwear product line; they've recently added cool women's tank tops and vintage-style aprons.

Tot Shop
A great store that carries a lot of designers; the site is hard to browse through, but if you know what you're looking for they probably have it. My favorite - the Fortune Tees that arrive in take-out boxes with slogans like, "A Surprise Will Appear In My Pants."

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Maddie's Current Faves

Bee Bop Band
One of the only musical instrument sets I've found for children under three - that means no small parts to swallow. Every instrument's a different bug - ants jingle bells, ladybug xylophone, etc. The drum doubles as the storage container, and it's not too loud. (Yeah!) Also makes an excellent gift.

My First Dollhouse
A soft "dollhouse" that folds up into a purse (a plus for my Accessory Queen), with three characters, a bed, bathtub, and more. She loves opening and storing it as much as she loves playing with the rooms themselves; I like that it's small and smushy and travels (car, plane, etc.) very well.

Rock N Bounce Pony
Madeleine fell in love with this thing a few months ago and it's still going strong. She loves rocking, bouncing, rocking Elmo on it, being rocked and told and adventure on it . . . great for getting out energy on a rainy day. A good first birthday gift.

Laugh N Learn Activity Table
We've got this activity table in the kitchen, and Maddie loves to help "cook" with it. The songs aren't too annoying, and it's got a small bowl attached that sometimes holds Maddie's veggie booty. We've had 3-year-olds enjoy playing with this table; a great investment.

Bubble Go Walker
Several people recommended we get Maddie a ride-on toy for her first birthday. This one converts several ways to grow with her for many years. She loves to climb on and off it, push it around, put things in the storage bin, and so on. Even has a compartment up front for a stuffed dolly hood ornament.

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Maddie's Favorites 6-12 Months

Portable Swing
The same theme as her bouncy seat, the swing plays music and has pull toys that reward her when she yanks on them. A life-saver for mommies who need to have five minutes alone.

Alphabet Mat
The Gyminee Playmat fought the good fight, but retired right at nine months; while the hanging toys still entertain, the mat began to feel too restrictive to her. This alphabet mat gives her a nice slippery surface for cruising around, wass thick enough that I didn't panic (much) when she toppled over from sitting, and the letters come out for chewing. Wide open spaces for the more mobile baby.

Developlay Activity Center
This portable little toy can hang on the side of a crib or lie flat on the floor. Maddie played sitting up and on her tummy; it also catches her eye while crawling by. It's small and encourages motor skills, and best of all, grows through 24 months. Still in rotation, just not a current fave.

Teething Blanket
A small square terry-cloth blanket with a satin trim, it's got a different hard rubber teething toy in each corner. She cuddled with it, munching contentedly, and the terry-cloth's perfect for wiping up drool. Small enough to throw in the diaper bag.

Rolling Shape Sorter
Another shower gift that came into its own around 6 or 7 months, this rolling toy has great smaller rattle toys inside. The small pieces were perfect for Maddie to perfect her pincer grasp with, and they make a cool sound when she shakes them. The rolling "container" is great for chasing after.

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Maddie's Favorites 0-6 Months
The gear and toys she couldn't live without her first six months -

Bouncy Seat
One of the first pieces of gear to help with her prolonged newborn crying, we put her in this very early on with rolled-up swaddling blankets on either side to keep her from leaning over. The vibration soothed her, the activity center captivated her, and the semi-reclined position was great for people watching. Also a handy place to secure baby if you need to use the bathroom, cook dinner, etc.; we just retired this when Maddie tried to crawl off it, after several months of loyal service and traveling everywhere with us.

Gyminee Playmat
Her favorite floor activity for most of her life! The arches are chock-full of fun hanging toys, and there's textures and sounds on the mat portion as well so she's got plenty to interest her during tummy time. A foot board and a mirror round out the activities. She started grooving on this right around three months, and we traveled it with us at 5 months; it collapses so small and gives her a consistent and familiar "place" to blow off steam.

Lamaze Mirror
This large toy mirror has a triangle base so it's free-standing, or it can be hooked over the edge of the crib as well. The bright colors attract her eye, and catching sight of herself in the mirror causes her to roll over for a closer look.

Bumbo Baby Sitter
An ingenious chair for babies who can hold their heads up but not quite balance themselves in sitting, the Bumbo Chair lets Maddie sit upright and be a part of the fun! Also great for looking at a book or feeding time.

Lamaze Clutch Cube
With sights and sounds on every side, the cube is Maddie's best distraction on a car ride. She can reach and grab any of the attached rings, and loves the different material textures.

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Breastfeeding Gear
I know, it's six; breastfeeding mommies need all the help they can get.

Medela Pump In Style
I pump a few times a week and this advanced automatic version has saved me from carpal tunnel syndrome. Definitely pricey but worth it if you’re pumping regularly. I’ve tried other automatics but find this is best, though I’ve heard good things about the new Avent.

Lansinoh pads
The ultra-soft pads are the only ones I could tolerate; the others felt too synthetic. Also, the smoothest line under your clothes that I could find.

These cooling gel pads kept me sane the first couple of weeks. I had two pairs that I kept in the freezer and applied after each feeding; that way one set was always cold.

The lanolin ointment helped minimize cracking; I kept it by my nursing station and applied after each feeding. Totally safe for baby to eat; the only downside is she’d have a greasy chin!

Hooter Hiders
Please don't hold the name against it. This is the only nursing cover I've seen that really works well. Has wiring in the top so you can look down and see your baby; is lightweight so baby doesn't smother; has a terrycloth corner to wipe mouths; folds down teen tiny; and comes in several very cool fabrics.

Indispensable pillow. I still use it for nursing, and also for tummy time (not newborns). While pregnant, I slept with it, putting my belly in the “hole” and allowing me to sleep almost on my stomach. Make sure you take it to the hospital with you! Also great for helping older relatives hold baby without having to hold all their weight.

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Nursing-Wear Shops
I know, it's six, not five, but good nursing-wear sites are hard to find! These places are all unique and run by wonderful people.

They've got a wonderful selection from Larrivo, Japanese Weekend, Blissful Babes, and more.

Some private label clothing of good quality, as well as a few Majamas.

Nurture Center
She's got Larrivo, Glamourmoms, Majamas, and more.

Due Maternity Clothes
They carry Lait, Bella Materna, Larrivo, Japanese Weekend, Glamourmoms, you name it!

Maternity and Nursing
A great site with all the big brands.

This site is one of the few places you can find Boob, pricey but cute tees and tank tops with a clever front panel.

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Nursing Support Sites

Kelly Mom
A truly excellent website that deals mostly with nursing, but also sleep issues, introducing solids, and more. Spot-on.

Lactation connection
Another great all-around nursing site

Ask Dr. Sears
He’s got a good section on breastfeeding, as well as help with bottle feeding

La Leche League
The mother of all nursing sites

Informative without overloading

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Moving To Solids
Moving to "big people" food requires a whole new set of gear - here's what's helped me!

Bumbo Baby Sitter
For the baby who can't quite sit unsupported (balancing, not head strength!), the bumbo sitter is less "daunting" than sitting in the traditional high chair. Plus, it's portable and takes up way less room! Easy to wipe down and store. Maddie used it exclusively until she was 9 months, then moved to a booster seat so she had a tray for finger foods. Bumbo now lives at Gamma's house, where it still works as a booster seat for my year-and-a-half toddler in a pinch (though she's got a small butt!)

Booster Seat
This is the one several mommies have recommended and I like it so far. Not the most collapsible one I saw, but definitely sturdy; I like that it straps to the chair in more places than most boosters and has a higher piece between the legs than average to keep her from sliding out. It also reclines, which is a bonus; a good buy to consider since you can use it as a chair early on with the reclining feature for bottles. Takes up much less room than a high chair and travels easily to Grandma's house.

Wholesome Baby Foods
This website got a visit from me several times a week during Maddie's first year. They've got great info on when to introduce what, allergy alerts, constipation tips, and best of all, lots of recipes and guidance for making your own baby food. A really great resource.

Dura Bib
You'd think all bibs were created equal, but you'd be wrong. This one is a very supple vinyl, not the kind that cracks under repeated use. The crumb catcher at the bottom snaps open for a thorough cleaning, it comes in multiple sizes for babies and toddlers, is dishwasher safe - what more could you want? Carried also at Buy Buy Baby, etc.

Glad Ware
Yep, the small round tupperware tubs you can buy at the grocery store. Each one holds a couple ice cubes of food nicely, or a snack-size of cheerios. And so cheap, you're not heartbroken of it gets lost.

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Feeding and Allergies
Once you’re squarely in the solid food camp, there’s still a lot of navigating to do.  I’ve found a few great food allergy reference sites, plus some products that continue to make my life easier.

Wholesome Toddler Food
The baby sister to Wholesome Baby Food, it’s just as filled with useful information and great tips on topics such as getting your finicky toddler to eat healthy.

A sweets company that makes only nondairy, egg- and nut- free goodies.  If you’ve got a child with allergies, it’s a great alternative for sweets.

Just Tomatoes
I can’t stop talking about this line of freeze-dried foods.  With no extra sugar or oils or sulphur or anything, it’s the perfect way to throw fruit in the diaper bag and forget about it.  Maddie loves the strawberries, peaches, mango, you name it. Also great for traveling - plane or car, there's less mess than fresh food. BONUS: Amazon now carries the line, and at an excellent price.

Food Allergies
An excellent reference site for food allergies

Ask Dr. Sears
He’s got a lot of helpful information on food allergies and toddlers; also great info on food allergies in breast milk

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Parenting/Reference Sites

All About Moms
This is a really great support site, for pregnancy through teenagers. They also have a great gift registry section

Ask Dr. Sears
Has much of the info in his BABY BOOK, plus additional hints and such. A handy reference page to have bookmarked.

Baby Center
go beyond the shopping part of this site and you'll find well-run and informative message boards, places to ask questions of experts in various topics, great articles on a variety of subjects - they've got everything.

News For Parents
A great resource for the busy parent; they pull all the news on health, education, development, etc. into one concise place. Updated daily.

Zero to Three
Focusing on baby's first three years of life, this website is a valuable tool for parents and professionals both.

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Mommy Blogs
It's somehow oddly comforting to see other women wrestle with the same issues I do - though usually with a better sense of humor. Where else will you find someone who knows what it's like to listen to Raffi for three hours straight?

Though not started as a mommy blog, Dooce is a fantastic place to put mommyhood in perspective. Heather's daughter is two and I love seeing what I have to look forward to in Maddie's growth. Heather's razor-sharp wit often makes milk come out my nose.

Tending Violet
Joyce's weekly blog is a favorite of mine because it's all about her life as a stay-at-home mom and her daughter, who is right around Maddie's age. Joyce has a great eye for observing developmental milestones, and an intimate way of commenting on them.

T.O. Mama
A Toronto mom doing a terrific job raising her 2-year-old conscientiously without losing her sense of humor, she helps put mommyhood in the world perspective for me, too.

Don't Drop the Baby
Two British moms who met in a pre-natal class started this blog. Very funny, it keeps me from taking things too seriously. I also love their "The Truth About . . ." section.

Dot Moms
A collective of forty moms contribute to this website. You instantly feel like one of the gang.

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The Daddy List
I turned a top five list over to my husband Brian - here's his favorite "Daddy references" for you!

The Expectant Father
I bought this book within 24 hours of finding out Maddie was on the way. When the woman who checked me out smilingly asked when was the baby due I blushed, and even though I’m an introvert, I was pleased beyond words to talk about it with someone. This book is an excellent reference during the pregnancy. It details each month and lists what your spouse is going through, what changes are happening with the baby at this point, and talks you through some things you might be feeling. I tried not to read ahead and stayed with the current month but as it got near the end I panicked and thought, “I can’t read the section on delivery DURING delivery! I HAVE to read ahead!!!”

From Conception to Birth
This book, given to us by a friend, changed my whole perspective in the early weeks and months. For guys, it’s tough to “connect” early on to the thought that you’re really going to be a dad. This book has AMAZING pictures that show the day-by-day growth of a baby. It’s just so great to be able to, say, know that you are 21 days into it and can open that book and SEE what your baby looks like at 21 days. It helped make things more real to me.
Daddy Types
This weblog for dads talks about being a dad from a guy’s perspective. They talk about gear, gadgets, and even the availability (or lack thereof) of diaper changing stations in men’s restaurants. I looked at several sites out there and there are some that are much more strident (as in that they promote the equal treatment of fathers and men in the parenting world,) but this site is very laid back and friendly.

Trixie Update
Created by a stay-at-home dad who used to work in the corporate world, this blog blew me away. His wife was in her doctor’s residency and he wanted her to have a way to look in on her daughter throughout the long days. He didn’t stop with just your average blog/picture site though; he added all sorts of things he called telemetry. Cataloging every feeding, every nap, and yes, every diaper change, he then charted out the data to see what patterns would emerge. He’s actually working now on a public version that would allow anyone to use the tracking software and chart out their own kids’ patterns.

Throwaway Dads
This book was very helpful to me in exploring what it means in our culture to be a Dad. We have so many stereotypes that we’re not even aware of, and this book tries to highlight how society views the father’s role in a family in order to help you see what to avoid and free you from those expectations. It’s really a sociology study and somehow amazingly comforting.

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Maternity Sites

Setting aside the obvious, like GAP, OLD NAVY, MIMI, MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY and A PEA IN A POD

Due Maternity Clothes
An on-line store with a great selection of different brands like Japanese Weekend, Citizen of Humanity and Diane von Furstenberg, they also carry cute nursing gear

Unbuttoned Maternity
A cute, hip site; just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re not still cool!

Liz Lange
Definitely not cheap, but sleek, fitted clothes make you feel cool even while retaining water!

Their Liz Lange for Target line is awesome

A great mix – higher end price-wise, but really cute without being too trendy. Very well made, too.

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Books While Pregnant

Note: All links are to Amazon; click here if you'd prefer to head to Barnes and Noble

Christian Woman’s Guide to Childbirth
This was hands down my most used book to get ready for labor; it also prepares you and your spouse to be parents, and has a good section on post-partum. Out of print right now, but worth searching around for.

Baby Bargains
Devour this book before registering! Easy to use, lots of great tips. Helps you figure out what you really need.

Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
Reading this book helped me feel more prepared for nursing; by the founders of the La Leche League

Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy
Blows the lid off all the pregnancy secrets – hemorrhoids, gas, varicose veins – and makes you feel like you’re not alone in this thing.

Maternal Fitness
The absolute best system for staying healthy while pregnant; it’s practical and safe, and will help with back pain, sciatica, etc., and doing this may keep you from having to wear one of those big maternity belts at the end of your pregnancy!

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New Mommy Books

Note: All links are to Amazon; click here if you'd prefer to head to Barnes and Noble

The Baby Book
Dr. Sears’ book is my first go-to reference for anything from cradle cap to baby reflux to where baby should be developmentally.

Baby 411
Very handy and easy to read reference by the makers of BABY BARGAINS. They give you small bites of info without overloading, are frank, and give you info on many options like co-sleeping vs. sleep-training.

Dr. Brazelton’s book is like having a kindly granddad explaining your baby to you. Knowledgeable without being preachy, his book tells you what to expect from birth through age 6, developmentally, sleep-wise, and eating-wise.

The Happiest Baby On The Block
This book made me feel much better about cuddling my newborn a lot; the “fourth trimester” theory made a lot of sense to me, and all the principles really helped with Maddie’s colic.

Lose Your Mummy Tummy
The post-partum follow-up to MATERNAL FITNESS

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Down-Time Reads
I know - what down time? I have to confess, I often read while nursing. At any rate, here they are - my current favorite fiction reads. Mommy-themed, since that's where I'm at right now.

Vanishing Acts
A woman who makes her living as a professional search-and-rescue worker discovers she was kidnapped thirty years ago by her own father. As he's taken back for trial, she looks at her relationship with her own daughter, and what she'd do to keep her safe. A great exploration of family ties and doing what's best for your child.

Girls In Trouble
This book explores the complicated issue of adoption; a 15-year-old gives her baby in open adoption to a couple and then has trouble letting go.

I Don't Know How She Does It
Can a woman be a full-time mother and a full-time business woman? And be good at both? Doctoring mince pies at 2 a.m. to make them look home-made says it all.

What Do You Do All Day?
Ever heard that question? A funny look at the life of a mom with two toddlers, no respect from her mother-in-law, and not enough time on her hands.

Little Earthquakes
One of my all-time favorite books, this novel follows three friends from their third trimester through the first year of mommyhood. A tender, funny, and unflinching look at what it takes to be a mom and how hard it truly is. Because yes, mommy amnesia sets in!

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Madeleine's Current Book List
All right, so she can't read. She's still got definite opinions! Consider these the ones that taste the best.

Bear Wants More
The sequel to Bear Snores On (still a favorite), Bear wakes up hungry in the spring. Still has all the friends with the funny voices, too.

Guess How Much I Love You?
A favorite for cuddly, sleepy time. The watercolor pictures are soothing, and the story makes mommy cry (in a good way) every time.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!
Just the sight of this cover makes her scream with joy. The touchy-feely boardbook she comes back to again and again; she turns the pages faster and faster as her favorite (the duck) comes up.

Do Princesses Really Wear Hiking Boots?
Easy rhymes, pretty pages, and best of all, a mirror at the end to gaze into for hours.

Fuzzy Bee and Friends
This cloth book is in high rotation for her; it's got great colors, a crinkle page, and lots of three dimensional aspects.

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Madeleine's Library Archives
Though the above ones are currently in heavy rotation, Maddie's quite the bookworm. Here are other favorites that haven't fallen out of style.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Loves the colors, loves the holes in the paper.

Barnyard Dance
Her favorite board book to act out.

The Little Engine That Could
Her daddy's been reading this to her since before she was born, and she never tires of it.

You Can't Take A Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum
Illustrations only, this life-imitates-art book is a real find featuring actual works from the New York Metropolitan Museum and authentic NYC sites. We love making up the words ourselves.

Bear Snores On
Bear's friends party in his cave one wintry night while he sleeps, oblivious. Gotta do all the animal voices.

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A Few of My Favorite Things
These make the Mommy job just that little bit easier - or at least more enjoyable!

Mom 4 Life
A thoughtful website filled with very well-chosen items - a bit of everything from breastfeeding to toys. Take some time poking through it; you can tell she really believes in every product she offers.

Mama Calling Cards
Business card for the Mommy job - sounds crazy, but makes a lot of sense! Plus, these are totally cute. Read my blog about them if you're not convinced.

Time Out Spot
Cool rugs to enforce Time Outs. Maddie's not there yet, but my favorite thing on the website is the "Mommy Needs A Time Out" t-shirt; I've gotten tons of compliments on it here in the city.

This not-for-profit organizations is by working moms and for working moms, to exchange information and help promote each others' businesses on- and off-line. It's free, and it's invaluable.

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Urban Living Solutions

Urban Baby
They bill themselves as a comprehensive resource guide for urban parents in the top cities in the world, and they deliver. Daily emails fill you in on sales, things to do with kids, new openings, and more; or you can use their website to search for stores and services in your city. A very up-to-date listing.

Prices are as good as if not better than stores like Target, though maybe slightly more than a warehouse club like Costco. But if you live in a big city, chances are you don't have access to a warehouse club, and with free delivery, this place is hard to beat. Let them do the bulky lugging for you.

Container Store
If your apartment is smaller than your parents' garage, you know organizing a space is a must. This place is an obsessive-compulsive's dream, with incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Best part- send them your closet's measurements and they'll custom-cut all the pieces you need and ship it right out to you. Installation's on you. I truly love this store. Ask anyone.

5-In-1 Sit-N-Stroll System
My girlfriend Sandra's been using this thing; it's a car seat that turns into a stroller. Perfect for urban dwellers who only need a car seat for the occasional cab ride, or for getting through the airport and your holiday family visit. Not the sturdiest stroller so not ideal for long stroller distances, and not the fanciest car seat, but a great solution for people without a permanent car.

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New York Faves (I know there's more than five; I can't help it!)

Urban Baby
An excellent resource for shops, kid-friendly activities, and current info tailored to many big cities; I subscribe to their daily email.

The Breastchester
An online store with a great selection of nursing bras, tops, and breastfeeding gear, they'll also come to your home with a selection of clothing and do a private fitting. How cool is that?! They'll also demonstrate how to use pumping equipment, etc.

The Upper Breast Side
If you can't afford a home visit, this UWS store has great fitters, good quality bras, nursing tops, and nursing equipment for sale or rent.

Mothers and Menus
For mothers-to-be, new moms, or as a perfect gift, this healthy meal delivery service was created solely with moms in mind. All organic, the meals are created specifically for you with your preferences in mind. Nutrititional counselor on staff. Give the gift of one day to a friend, or order a month for yourself; full meals and snacks provided.

Metropolitan Moms
Metropolitan Moms will take you on museum walks, gallery visits, culinary adventures - all with your baby! They arrange for a private outing with an expert lecturer, provide extra babysitters to help out when needed, and find kid-friendly restaurants to top the afternoon off. It's not cheap, but it helps you to feel as if your creative interestes lie farther than the crayola box, and lets you take advantage of this great city.

Buy Buy Baby
The superstore for all things baby. Hugely convenient to do all your shopping in one place! They carry a very wide range of brands and styles, and have a very easy-to-use registry and no-hassle return policy. I love this place.

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NY Maternity Stores

Belly Dance Maternity
Cute and pricey – I think a better selection than Pea in a Pod
548 Hudson St. 212-645-3640

Maternity Works
A Pea in A Pod, Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity outlet store! ‘Nuff said. Just down the block is their Destination Maternity store; basically the same thing with more amenities like a juice bar, but less sale stuff.
16 W. 57th St. #3 212-399-9840 (Maternity Works) or 575 Madison Ave. 212-588-0220 (Destination Maternity)

Boing Boing
Great shop in Brooklyn – nursing tops also
204 Sixth Ave. in Park Slope 718-398-0251

Liz Lange outlet
Yes, outlet! No longer do you have to wait for the warehouse sales. Right above the original store.
958 Madison Ave. 2nd floor 212-327-1626

H & M
Cute, trendy clothes for cheap. Not great quality, but how long do they really need to last? Multiple locations

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