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Hands Where We Can See 'Em Please

Because Madeleine was breech (despite my trying everything, from lying upside down to chiropractic help to acupuncture), I had a scheduled c-section.  As we talked over the procedure in my doctor’s office the day before, my husband Brian, who had been reading up on the procedure, asked my doctor what method she used to close the incision.  She paused, laughed, then said, “That depends.  Are you paid up?”

It turns out my doctor closes with a method that amounts to cosmetic surgery; she’s had colleagues tease her about working too hard, but she says that’s what we pay her for.  After the surgery, I had a veritable parade of residents and med students coming through my room for the next couple days, just wanting to see my doctor’s handiwork.  One resident asked for a peek, and after I lifted off the covers (it’s amazing how quickly modesty leaves you), she looked at it in silence for a few moments, then breathed an awestruck “Dr. R.’s amazing," and walked out. When I went in for my six-week follow-up visit and scar check a couple weeks ago, my incision looked great, practically invisible.  But my doctor warned that it could start looking thicker and darker as time goes on.  It’d be a shame, she continued, to mar such great work, and she recommended getting Scarguard if it did start to change.  It’s over the counter via the Internet, and she said it’s really great.  Sure enough, mine has started to darken, so I ordered the stuff and it really works!  After just a couple of weeks I see a huge difference.  And the great thing is, you can use it even on old scars.  So my c-section scar will hopefully fade so much that I forget about it.  It certainly doesn’t hurt at all.  In fact, it just itches sometimes, which can be a bit embarrassing when you catch yourself scratching - in public.



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