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Mommy Doesn't Equal Fashion-Challenged

We’re getting ready to take Madeleine on her first plane trip, and I called on the Mommy Focus Group for tips on a fuss-free ride.  They unanimously recommended feeding her while taking off and landing; the swallowing is one of two ways she can equalize her ears, crying being the other.  So I started looking around for a couple of nursing tops to wear on the plane, thereby avoiding inflicting my post-partum tummy on the unsuspecting passengers.  And you know what I found?  There’s an unbelievable amount of ugly nursing wear out there.

Why do most designers think that the only people who nurse their babies wear hemp clothing and scorn bras?  And I have to say, most of the openings in nursing tops look like mail slots you have to squeeze your poor boob through before mealtime starts.  Not easy, and definitely not discreet.  At any rate, I found a few treasures on the wild, wild web, and want to pass them on to you.  Here are some great, cute nursing clothes and some truly easy and even ingenious flaps to use.  I know it’s a long list, but believe me, it’s the best of the best that I’ve found, and  I want to give you all the good options out there.

  • Majamas brand.  They’ve got really cute tops.  One of my all-time favorites is the Saturday Polo.  The tops have some support built in, but I didn’t find it enough even for my modest bosom, so I wear a nursing bra under them.  And I also bought their Genevieve Dress, which is totally cute and flattering.  I thought I was done with dresses until Maddie was weaned!  And finally, I practically lived in their Original Sleepy Dress for a while; it’s got places to hold your nursing pads and makes you feel somewhat feminine, extra bumps and all.  And it’s so easy to sleep in, stumble to the nursery for a feeding, and then fall back into bed.  The Majamas website doesn’t sell directly to consumers but can point you to stores in your area.
  • Glamourmom brand.  I love their Original Tanks; they offer great support and have a nice thick material so your nursing pads aren’t so obvious.  Several websites carry at least their basic tanks. 
  • Larrivo brand.  Truly cute tanks and slip dresses, to make you feel as if you haven’t left all style behind.  The one drawback is boob support.  Their spaghetti tanks don’t offer nearly as much as some other brands, and the material’s thinner so you’d best be sure your nursing pads are in smoothly.  But they’re really cute, and flatter that post-partum belly!
  • Freshmums brand.  This company is Australia-based, and uses a truly ingenious access panel.  The selection’s not large, but the tops are first-rate.  NOTE – SIZES ARE UK, NOT US!
  • Japanese Weekend brand.  Pricey, and cut tighter, but really stylin’.  They’re known mostly for maternity clothes but do some nursing tops.
  • Bella Materna brand.  They do mostly nursing bras and some basic clothing.  I love that their bras are sexy looking and low-cut, so you don’t have to give up your v-neck tees.  The only drawback is that their elastic is tight to give you a great look, and may feel a bit too much like underwire if you're really engorged.  They aren't cheap, but I encourage you to get at least one if at all possible; now more than ever we need whatever it takes to feel sexy!  I don’t wear this bra to sleep in, but love it under clothes.


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