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Back safe and sound from Wisconsin, I believe I can say our trip was a resounding success.  Madeleine got to meet her great-grandparents, as well as a couple great-uncles and –aunts and even a few cousins.  I was so proud of her good-naturedness, her willingness to be driven all over the place and passed around to strangers.  And she flew like a pro!  That nursing on take-off and landing definitely works.  On the flight out, we had her in the Bjorn the whole time; I called the airline ahead of time and they suggested a front carrier as the safest way to travel with her.

Madeleine fussed a bit boarding the plane since I tried to time her mealtime with takeoff to guarantee she’d nurse, but once she started eating, we had nary a peep out of her!  And with her sitting in the Bjorn, the whole trip was great.  For the return flight, we were all set to do the same thing when the flight attendant informed me that the Bjorn was actually very unsafe and I needed to remove her pronto.  So I got extremely conflicted information both times, and have no idea what’s best for my baby.  But we got there and back safely, and that’s all that matters.  (I've since learned that front carriers are a no-no just for take-off and landing.)  My girlfriends say this is the easiest time to travel with them, before they can squirm and walk and kick the seat in front of them.  Something to look forward to.

  1. On the hotel front, we stayed at a Best Western and I highly recommend them for parents with babies for two reasons: The crib they supplied was a Graco Pack 'n Play, which is what we have ourselves.  So I was saved the worry of finding a rickety wooden crib circa 1960 in our hotel room. The down side – we had to bring our own sheet and waterproof pad, which I would not have known if I hadn’t specifically called and asked them.
  2. When I told them I was nursing, they supplied a mini-fridge for pumped milk. That was huge.

    All in all, this weekend has given me the courage to travel with baby girl and not be afraid.


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