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Ho Ho Holy Smokes, Who's the Old Guy?

Yep, Madeleine met the Big Man himself.

Sure, she’s only six months old, and probably doesn’t have a lot to say to Santa.  But frankly, she didn’t have much choice; Brian and I were going, with or without her.

Yes, we’re Santa Addicts; we get our picture every year with Santa.  And because we’ve been dating since high school, this was picture number 18.  No way were we going to break tradition just because of a little thing like a new baby.  So we fussed and argued for about half an hour over what she’d wear, pumped an extra bottle in case the line was really long, and bundled up.

We went, of course, to the Macy’s Herald Square.  Call it cheesy, call it over-priced and over-run with tourists, but it’s an institution and we wouldn’t dream of getting her first Santa photo anywhere else.  We spent the whole drive excitedly talking about the impending meeting; how would she act?  Would she be thrilled?  Frightened?  Faintly contemptuous, like a seasoned New Yorker?

Santaland was surprisingly uncrowded; probably had something to do with the four inches of snow on the ground.  We paid a small fortune to park and walked a block in the freezing cold, Madeleine cackling delightedly at the weather, of course.  Once inside, she became very quiet, eyes round as saucers as we walked through the winter scenes set up to entertain you while you wait in line.  Finally it was our turn, we hastened to his house, turned the corner, and . . . there he was.  Whipping out our camcorder so we wouldn’t miss any nanosecond of her first meeting, we faced her expectantly.  And . . . . .action.

december_05_028.jpgShe looked him up and down, examined his face carefully, and agreed not to fall apart.  He took her in his arms and spoke quietly to her for a few seconds.  At one point she drew closer to listen, and then I swear, she looked at him askance as if to say, “What am I, from Jersey?”  But she allowed the fussing over and the posing and the smiling and the flashes.  The paparazzi put their tools away, and we loaded up and headed up to Holiday Lane to pick out her Christmas stocking.  Brian carried her the whole way, and I know I’m not biased when I tell you every head swiveled to get a look at that beautiful baby.  Women’s eyes softened and they smiled mistily (before checking out my husband, I might add; babies are a total chick magnet, and believe me he knows it.)  We even had several men tell us what an angel she is. 

As if we didn’t know.


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