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I’m momentarily putting my holiday ruminations on hold because that’s where Madeleine’s digestive tract is. 

On hold.

And as you can imagine, it’s occupying much of my thoughts.

Madeleine’s been on solids for about three weeks now and I expected her system to slow down a bit, for the solids to make other things more, um, solid.  But we seem to be way beyond that now; for the last two days or so she’s been pretty severely constipated.  So I picked up my trusty Baby Book and looked up constipation.  Dr. Sears talks about slowdown being a common occurence when solids are first introduced.  And one of the prime reasons?  Two of the favorite first foods, rice cereal and bananas, are what we’ll call binding foods.  Go figure why conventional wisdom has us introduce those first.  He recommends easing off on the cereal and bananas and trying to go with other foods for a few days to see if that helps out. 

Our pediatrician is not a big fan of water for a six month old, but advised us to try to give her a few ounces in the bottle if she ever became severely constipated.  Let’s see – she’s red-faced and straining several times a day, refuses to eat much in the way of solid food (not even the beloved sweet potatoes,) cries when nothing happens, and looks at you as if to say, “Can’t you fix this???”  I think that qualifies as severe.  We’ve tried giving her water but she’s not interested thus far.

As far as other tactics go, I’m doing the leg bicycling and the tummy massage in circular motions.  She’s been getting up in the middle of the night for almost a week now voraciously hungry, and I’m betting that’s a large part of the reason why so I’m not going the tough-love route for sleep until we’ve got action again.

And finally, we were due to introduce a new food today and I had a yummy jar of mangos set aside for her.  I made a last-minute menu alteration, and Madeleine has now added prunes to her repertoire.


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