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Is There Anything Sexier?

I got the afternoon “off” today to go see a show, and my husband and daughter walked me to the subway station as they do most every evening that I teach.  I kept sneaking glances at my husband as we walked; he was looking pretty fine in his wool peacoat and cute knit hat.   The accessory that makes him look the hottest, though, isn’t a piece of clothing.
It’s the stroller.

picture_040.jpgWhy is it that there’s nothing more attractive than a man with a baby?  When we take family walks, nine times out of ten it’s Brian that’s wearing Maddie in the Bjorn or pushing her in the stroller, and women’s heads invariably crane after he passes.  Now Brian’s shyly oblivious to his good looks (even reading this he would blush and say, “It’s just you that think I’m good looking!”), and he’s always gotten a few glances on the street.  But the number’s gone up exponentially since he’s started sporting baby girl.  And yes, I know, sometimes people are turning around to peer at the baby.  But I take her for walks too, remember:  I know the difference between a head-turn/baby coo and head turn/bum check.

Do you think it’s because seeing a man with a baby automatically makes him appear more caring, more sensitive?  Is it because we’re seeing someone who steps up to his responsibilities?  I think it’s all that, and more.   When a man’s caring for a baby, it says, “I’m in touch with my sensitive side.  I follow through when I start something.  And I really love the partner that gave me this baby.”  Because we all know that babies aren’t the easiest thing to take care of, and a man who sticks around for that isn’t doing it just for love of the kiddo.  It’s for love of the woman, also, to share her burden.  And when I see my friends' husbands with their babies, parenting just as confidently as the mommys do, my heart flip-flops, simply because it looks so right.

I know that when women see the three of us walk down the street, their faces soften, their eyes melt, and their hearts flip flop a little.  When they glance back, it’s partly checking him out and partly yearning for the whole thing, the unit that he’s a part of.  I know how extraordinarily lucky I am, to have a husband who wants to wear his daughter and stay home with her, who isn’t afraid pushing the stroller makes him look feminine.  Who would ditch his job in a second and gladly be a stay-at-home-dad if I made more money and better benefits than he does.  Who happily plays with his daughter’s feet to occupy her while Mommy finishes shopping in the Gap.  Who, lets face it, is way better at the Tickle Monster than I am. 
And who wouldn’t want a piece of that?


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