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Everyone's Looking For An Oar

In church on Sunday my pastor confessed to being a habitual blog reader.  Apparently there are dozens to hundreds of blogs out there by fellow church leaders, ruminating on various points of theology.  There’s even one called (appropriately enough) “desperate preacher” that goes into whatever scripture is on the church calendar that week, and Milind admitted to heading there, sometimes mere hours before he had to deliver a sermon, in the hopes of finding some new angle, some fresh way of dissecting the day’s verses.
Rather than making me worry about the quality of shepherding I receive, the news that he surfs for help comforted me.  As I continue to slog ahead in my Mommy job, I often scour the Internet looking for words of wisdom on a particular topic, be it teething fixes or separation anxiety.  And as much as I go to my trusted reference sites (see Top 5s Page), I just as frequently head to fellow mommy bloggers.  Though they don’t always have the answers, it’s somehow deeply comforting to see other women wrestling with the same issues I do.  If I’m going through a rough patch with Maddie and read a blog entry of a day gone well, I feel encouragement and hope that the tide will turn for me.  And if I read a posting describing a hair-pulling, at-wit’s-end type of day, I shamefully confess that it makes me feel good.  Not that I want others to suffer; I’m just happy to know I’m not the only one trying to figure out how to steer this Mommyhood ship.

Just as Milind was finding solace in realizing there were dozens of other preachers checking out the same blog at 5 a.m. on a Sunday, I feel a part of the larger Mommy community when I check in with a favorite site and discover I’m not the only mommy whose daughter has discovered the “volume up” button for her voice.  In the middle of the grocery store.
Here are a few of my favorites –
Dooce  Though she started this blog a few years before having a daughter, once you have a child you can’t help but let their life permeate your writing.  Her daughter’s two, and I love seeing what I have to look forward to in Maddie’s growth.  Her razor-sharp wit often makes milk come out my nose.
Tending Violet  Joyce’s weekly blog is a favorite of mine because it’s all about her life as a stay-at-home mom and her daughter, who is right around Maddie’s age.  Joyce has a great eye for observing developmental milestones, and an intimate way of commenting on them.

T.O. Mama  A Toronto mom, doing a terrific job raising her 2-year-old conscientiously without losing her sense of humor.  She helps put mommyhood in the world perspective for me, too.

Don’t Drop the Baby  Two British moms who met in a pre-natal class started this blog.  Very funny, it keeps me from taking things too seriously.  I also love their “The Truth About . . .” section.
Dot Moms  A collective of about forty moms contribute to this website.  You instantly feel like one of the gang.
So get out there and get reading; I’ll see you there at 5 a.m.


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