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Scooching From A to Z

Being from Texas, Madeleine’s already got a couple country-western dances down.  Sure, she was technically born in NYC, but we’re sure her heart’s from the Lone Star State and that’s all that matters.
We know she’s a cowgirl, ‘cause she does the Tush Push like a pro.  Also, the Hiney Shuffle and the South End Swing.
Madeleine’s crazy with the desire to move forward on her own, but so far all efforts have been sent to the, er, rear.  She gathers herself onto her hands and knees and rocks forward and back vigorously, as if building up momentum to launch herself forward.  Then she pushes off with her arms and moves – backwards.  Yep, she’s still doing the backwards scooch, and still looks surprised when she consistently ends up farther away from her target than when she started.

_the_hiney_scooch.jpgAnd we’ve added a little something to make it even more fun – she’s got a dance floor now.  Paranoid New Mommy has been wanting to let her explore trying to move for herself, but afraid to give her too much freedom for fear that she’ll injure herself toppling over.  So Paranoid New Mommy and Patient as a Saint Daddy linked together some of Madeleine’s foam alphabet puzzle blocks and they make a great playmat for her.  Ok, so I put two layers of squares on the ground to make sure she’s got enough cushion for the old noggin.  And ok, so I hover anxiously the whole time she’s playing and the chance of her head actually hitting the foam mat before I catch it is pretty slim.  The point is, I’m trying to give her some independent room to explore.
maddie_multitasks.jpgMaddie’s discovered an unintended bonus to the cushy floor – greatly improved slide factor.  She can now slide herself across 5 letters in about 30 seconds.  She can perch herself precariously on her knees and slide into the splits (don’t know if that’s on purpose or not).  She can grab a favorite stuffed animal with practically one finger and slide him over to her.  And another perk – lying on her tummy has never been so fun.  I caught her crooning to herself, tracing the letter “M” happily with one finger.
I like to think she was trying to spell “Mommy”.


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