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Amazing But True Facts

I can’t help but notice that my daughter is probably the cleverest, most gifted baby I’ve ever met. The fact is that she’s developing at an astonishing rate, and I almost can’t keep up with her. Let me rephrase that: I know I can’t keep up with her physically, but I’m now having a hard time keeping abreast of all her new tricks. I am simply amazed at this complex creature that’s developed from the teeny tiny newborn that simply ate, slept and pooped all the time. I am learning so much from her about life in general, and about how we develop as human beings in particular. Here are a few of the Amazing But True Facts about Madeleine right now – I promise, I haven’t made any of them up. You, too, will be shaking your head in wonderment at the end of this list.

  1.  She is communicating in very deliberate ways. She will point a finger imperiously, jabber for a couple seconds, and then look at you expectantly. If you can’t understand her, that’s your problem, not hers.

  2. She is actually beginning to understand certain words in English. If you say, “Maddie – kiss?” she will lean in and give you a wet kiss on your nose. She only does this with Mommy, Daddy, Gamma, Kitty, and her stuffed Panda, so it’s clearly a sign of affection. She will also do it without being asked if she’s feeling cuddly. The first time I saw her kiss her Panda, I almost wept – it was that cute. As a side note, Kitty is not so fond of being kissed. As another side note, “Kitty” is one of the other words she recognizes; if you say, “Maddie – where’s Kitty?” she will look around eagerly until she locks feline eyes, then crow with delight.

  3. She wants to know more words in English. Every time we enter her room, she points up at her overhead light and says, “Gah?” “Yes, Light!” I say. She asks about every light she sees.

  4. Her belly smells like sugar cookies baked on a warm spring day with the windows left open. Amazing, but true.

  5. Maddie’s daddy has taught her a couple of great tricks. First, he’s taught her to High Five, slapping palms together. A very useful skill, I’m sure. And tonight for the first time, she began clapping on her own, eyes filled with excitement. My child is a genius!

  6. She’s a crawling machine, but won’t leave a room without looking over her shoulder and making sure you’re following her. I hope this one lasts.

  7. She recognizes certain signs we’ve been doing with her, like “Eat” and “More”, and is seconds away from using them. She also recognizes the word and sign for “Stop”, and usually obeys it.

  8. She’s learned how to share; Maddie will often magnanimously offer me a cheerio she’s been carrying around for an emergency in the palm of her hand for, oh, and hour or so. 

See? It’s not just me, I know; who wouldn’t think my daughter’s a prodigy? Seriously, though, I am truly overwhelmed with her growth. She daily walks more confidently, reaches further away from whatever she’s holding for balance, speaks more directly, tries more urgently to actually communicate. I think this transition from baby to toddler will happen for her in the blink of an eye, without a backwards glance.

For me, though, I’ll be dragged into it kicking and screaming.


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