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The Cutest Girl I Ever Saw . . .

. . .was sipping water through a straw.

We’ve been trying to get Maddie to take a cup for a while now. Our
doctor’s not keen on giving baby regular supplemental drinks while she’s
still breastfeeding, but Maddie needs to learn how to drink from
something other than a bottle for those times when she’s constipated and
we’re desperately trying to get prune juice down her. (Hint for other
mommies: use prune juice instead of water or breast milk to make
cereal!) So we’ve been offering sippy cups and such for months now.

She simply has no interest. Try the sippy cup without the membrane and
it pours over her face like a fountain – which, I might add, is fine
with her. Try the sippy cup with the membrane and she gnaws on it like a
chew toy. In all fairness, we’ve never offered her juice, which could
well encourage her to drink from a cup, but we’ve made a decision not to
give her juice early on and I can’t see going back on that just to teach
the kid how to drink a glass of water.

For the most part we’ve had more success with a regular cup. She’ll
carefully fold her hands around it and guide it to her mouth like a big
girl. Unfortunately, that’s the point at which she’ll often blow
bubbles, see what it’s like to speak under water, and so forth. So we’ve
been offering her “big girl” drinks while despairing of ever getting her
to take a sip unaided.

Fortunately for me, a mommy recommended this Gerber
Easy Grip Soft Straw Cup
. The straw folds down when the lid’s
closed, and it’s pretty leakproof when held upside down. The two handles
make it easy to hold and it’s way easier to clean than the sippy cups
and their membranes.

My biggest concern was not the product’s efficiency; it was my daughter.
How do you teach a baby to use a straw? But she’s been fascinated with
straws and always takes one (or twelve) to chew on at a restaurant, so
we thought we’d give it a go.

The first time, she gnawed thoughtfully on the straw, but not nearly as
much as she would the sippy cup. The second time I offered it, though,
she took it from me and calmly drank from it!

My child is a genius!

Seriously, I can’t figure out how she knew what to do, but I don’t care.
It’s the hands-down winner in this household, with Maddie drinking a
good ounce a day of water now. I know, baby steps.

So if you’re trying to figure out the sippy cup thing, I suggest you buy
one of these and give them a try. But be prepared – there’s nothing so
cute as a baby solemnly gazing up at you while drinking from a straw. It
gives me a glimpse of the little girl she’s going to be.

Soon, apparently.


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