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Naked Girl On A Sheepskin Rug

First off, I have to say that somewhere out there a guy googled those keywords in the title and was vastly disappointed to arrive at my website.

Now to the blog –

As I mentioned before, Maddie spent the weekend running around in just a diaper while Mommy and Daddy watched her spots spread. It was good times for everyone, I say with only a slight bit of sarcasm, and Madeleine especially enjoyed the freedom and undivided attention.

She’s a very sensory girl; maybe all babies are, I don’t know. But she’s very uninhibited about exploring something with all her senses, and her uncensored enjoyment of something is a sight to behold. When she was just a few months old, for example, I discovered she like the feel of my long hair sweeping across her face.

Strike that – she ADORED the feel of my hair on her face. Her eyes would close, a huge smile would spread across her face, and she’d croon ecstatically. Ever since then, I’ve noticed her sense of touch is highly attuned, and let’s just say it brings her great joy.

This past weekend Madeleine was wandering around the house for the 121st time (not that I was counting the laps) when she noticed a small sheepskin rug hanging over the back of a chair. We’d originally gotten it as a deterrent to stop Kitty from going places she shouldn’t; for some reason the rug creeps Kitty out. Go figure.

But Madeleine noticed the rug for the first time, and I was inspired to lay it on the floor for her to explore. One touch with her tentative hand, and the heavens parted, a light beamed down from above, and a heavenly choir sang in holy ecstasy.

My kid really loved it.

At first she simply sat next to it, stroking the softness. When she realized that this soft plushness (unlike Kitty) was not going to sniff and walk away in a huff, she became bolder and rolled her face on it. We put the rug next to the coffeetable, which is a favorite circuit of hers, and holding on to the edge, Maddie would walk slowly and luxuriously over the rug, scrunching up her toes. She began walking her laps around the table, crowing with delight every time she rounded the corner and walked across the rug.

And finally she could stand it no more. She flung herself extravagantly across the rug and wallowed – no other word for it – on the plushness, rubbing her arms in a sort of furry snow angel. She smiled contentedly, rolled onto her side, and went somewhere dreamy in her head while she absently stroked the skin with one hand.

We’ve left the rug on the floor for now; Maddie rediscovers the spot a few times a day and it buys us a few quiet moments.

And the fact that it’s making Kitty jealous is simply an added bonus.


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