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All I Want For Christmas . . .

. . . is Maddie’s two front teeth.

Heck, I’m not even that picky. Any teeth will do at this point.

Last week’s poll results are in, and I’m trying not to take it personally but it seems every vote you mommies cast on when your child got her first tooth was a smug (ok, to my jealous mind) reminder that my daughter’s smile is still gummy.

Most mommies said their child got a first tooth right around six months, which is textbook teething time. The rest of you were evenly spread out over the next six months right up to one year old, except for one poor mommy whose child was an early bloomer at four months. I say poor mommy since I can’t imagine nursing for so many months with a mouth full of teeth chomping down on you.

And out of everyone who voted, no one said her child got a tooth after one year old! Meanwhile, here I am with the close-to-fourteen-month Toothless Wonder. 

Yes, our pediatrician is unconcerned. Yes, we think we can see those bottom teeth getting ready to burst through. Yes, everyone tells us that babies who teethe later are less likely to need orthodontia. I know all this.

I know all this, and yet there is a part of my brain that is convinced there is something wrong with my child. Most of me knows those teeth are in there somewhere. But a small part of me is dead certain that she has no teeth whatsoever and will be the youngest –nay, only – kid on the playground with a full set of dentures.

Having no teeth does not seem to be an emotional burden to my child. It’s certainly not holding her back in the eating department; she’s chowing down solid meals with the best of them, though I am still spending lots of time dicing the whole meal for her. Possessing teeth does not seem to be a prerequisite for cramming a full fist of Cheerios in your mouth and cheerily masticating them to a pulp. And as you’ll see throughout my blogs, I’ve been convinced she was teething since she was two months old, so I’ve gotten used to her quicksilver tantrums. Someday those incisors are going to just spontaneously pop out and I think I’m going to have a heart attack.

Our pediatrician’s said that if she hits fourteen months with no snappers in sight we can take her to a dentist for x-rays. For what? To make us feel better? “Yep, they’re in there; that’ll be two hundred bucks.” Because if doesn’t see them, then what? Is there a pill we can give her to make her grow teeth? Because that’s the only scenario I can imagine that would make it worth it to try to pin her down in an x-ray machine for several minutes.

So for now, I simply stare at other babies and marvel at how grown up they look with their pearly whites. More than a bit wistfully, I’ll confess, but there’s a side of me that’s not upset her gums are still glistening. For one thing, that gummy smile will disappear one day and I’ll never see it again, and I’ll miss that.

And for another, we are in the midst of what seems to be a several-month weaning process. And if I get through nursing her without ever getting bitten, I’m not going to complain.

So mommies, if you’ve got teething tips, please post them here. I’m sure that some time in the next 18 years the info will come in handy to me.


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