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Is anyone as excited as I am about Christmas being just around the corner?

I feel like a kid again, and it’s at least partly because I’ve acknowledged this year that having a child means everything takes more time. That means both cutting back on my “to-do” list, and planning further in advance. So I gave myself a generous deadline for getting boxes mailed, spaced out the holiday baking, and so forth. Which means that as I write this, I’ve only got a couple more hours of wrapping to do. The sheer luxury of so much time before Christmas!

Even more fun than having several stress-free days ahead, though, is watching Maddie as the date draws nearer. Not that she’s got December 25 circled on her mental calendar; I’m not crazy enough to think she really understands what’s coming up. But she senses that something’s building, something big is just around the corner, and I love watching her anticipation mixing with her toddler need for instant gratification.

We’ve long had a tradition in this household of allowing gifts to build up in one place in the house as they arrive, to be placed under the tree all at once close to the big day. I love watching the “gift corner” begin to pile up and overflow, then see the bounty spread out under the tree the day before Christmas.

This year, though, we’ve had to pile gifts up in their shipping boxes or shopping bags; Maddie can’t understand why all the pretty ribbons and boxes are over in one spot if not for instant play. With unerring instinct, she’ll suss out a gift with her name on it, shake it and hold it out to me saying, “Open! Open!” She doesn’t really understand the present thing; she just knows that something looks interesting and wants to see what’s inside. Trying to explain the whole “wait for the big day” thing is rather difficult, so we’ve resorted to simply storing them in innocuous boxes and bags.

The best part so far, though, was Maddie’s amazement at the fully-dressed Christmas tree. Brian and I spent last night after Maddie’s bedtime getting the tree decorated, having learned the hard way not to let her participate (see previous blog). This morning it took Madeleine a few minutes to realize the tree looked different. But then oh, baby, oh.

At first she simply walked reverently around the Christmas tree, drinking in all the pretty “toys” hanging from it. Then she began to see details and went from ornament to ornament, naming each one. “Swing!” she said of my wooden girl on a trapeze. “Car!” was her cry when she saw the maiden in a sleigh. “Tanta! Tanta!” she hollered very time she discovered a Santa ornament. “Apple! Airplane! Shoe!” And then she saw it – the ornament we’d bought her for this Christmas.

“Elmo!” she shrieked, beside herself with delight. Pointing at Elmo as he starts to climb down a chimney, she drank in every detail. “Elmo hat! Elmo bag!” Most of her excitement, of course, was at seeing so many pretty things at once. But some of her joy, I’m sure, was at seeing so many items she recognized and could call by name – she was able to really participate rather than hang frustratingly on the fringes.

Did she try to touch the ornaments? You bet. Anticipating this, we’d hung kid-friendly ones near the bottom. Did she try to take them off the tree? Of course. A few friendly (ish) conversations, and she understood she could point but not remove. So now she spends her time walking circling the tree, naming the objects over and over.

I can’t wait to see her face when she gets up Christmas morning and the tree’s buried in pretty packages. I swear, my anticipation’s at fever pitch.

Merry Christmas, everybody! I’ll probably be in and out next week as I wallow in uninterrupted family time. Have a great and joyous holiday.


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