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What Wondrous Sight Is This?

This weekend we moved one step closer to
Christmas Preparedness: we got our tree.

And there’s nothing like having a toddler around to remind
you of just how weird the whole “tree in the house”
thing actually is.

I don’t know about you, but I spent a lot of my adult
childless life listening to people say, “There’s
nothing like having a child to show you the true joy of
Christmas.” They were trying to say that Christmas just
isn’t really fun until you watch a child go through Christmas
morning, and I couldn’t help but think how wrong they were.
Truly, I had a pretty good time waking up on Christmas morning,
walking out to see our heavily-laden tree filled to the brim with
gifts, and realizing all those gifts were for either me or my

In short, I was pretty happy not to share.

Even last year, while I enjoyed shopping
for Maddie and watching her eyes light up at the decorated tree, I
still didn’t see what the big “child” fuss was
about. Maddie was six months old and spent all of Christmas morning
getting sensory overload from so many new things around her. Our
gift-opening time ended up taking about four hours, with frequent
breaks for nursings, naps, and just time out from the mayhem.

This year, though, I’m beginning to see what
“they” mean. Our first holiday achievement was getting
the lights up outside our house; it’s strictly my
husband’s domain, and our front always looks beautiful
without being too crowded. I thought I really enjoyed house lights
until I saw my daughter’s reaction and realized I don’t
even come close.

I was, alas, not home the first time she went outside and saw our
house all lit up. But I can tell you that every time we’re
outside after dark, she stands spellbound in front of our
fairy-tale home, content to drink it in until one of us drags her
inside. She’ll beg to sit in front of our window or stand and
stare out of our glass front door, simply to bathe in the
multi-colored glow. She truly can’t believe the lights are
real, and there just for us to enjoy.

Which makes me think that this whole season’s going to be one
of excitement and adventure. Every step we’ve taken so far
has dazzled and entranced her – even the ones we take for
granted. Simply making my annual family recipe of chex mix –
a task the family enjoys, but certainly not “dazzling”
– made her eyes bulge out. When Maddie went down for her nap
one day, the first batch was in the oven; when she woke up, the
house smelled incredible and our dining room table was covered with
her favorite foods – pretzels and cheerios. A bountiful feast

So as we went to pick out our tree this weekend, I found myself
excited, anticipating her reaction. As we browsed among the pines,
Maddie was politely interested but not unduly so; it was, after
all, twenty degrees outside and getting towards bedtime.

But once the tree came inside and was opened to all its piney
glory, Maddie was speechless. A real tree! Inside the house! Wow,
the smell! Wow, the beauty! She keeps staring at it shyly, as if
she’s not sure she’s supposed to be enjoying something
so much.

So far, she hasn’t tried to climb it or eat it or anything
else, but I’m sure familiarity will bring comfort and
curiosity to the scenario. For now, though, she approaches it
reverently and gently touches the tip of one branch before turning
and saying in amazement, “Tree!” She even learned a new
word today – “prickly”.

Of course, breeding will prevail, and Maddie’s respect for
the tree is showing in her own unique way. Determined to keep the
area neat, if she spots a single pine needle on the floor
she’ll pick it up and bring it to me for disposal. In that
respect, it’s going to be a long season.

But I don’t care; my child is reminding me how amazing it is
to actually have a real, live, beautiful tree in my home. How cool
it is to see the house glow at night. How special it is to watch
the home undergo a sparkly transformation as pine branches are
draped and indoor lights hung throughout the house.

I can’t wait until this kid sees the tree when it’s
fully dressed.


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