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Git Along, Li'l Cowgirl

Maddie received an awesome target="_blank"
rock and bounce pony for her birthday last summer after
falling in love with the one in our church nursery. We figured
she’d enjoy it for a long time, but thought it would sort of
come in and out of fashion.

Instead, she’d simply become more and more enamored of the
thing, and given her love of all things adrenaline-inducing, I
think it’s just a matter of time before someone –
either the horse or the girl – gets hurt.

She’ll climb aboard the thing
– always mounting on the left, never on the right – and
start rocking vigorously, as if by sheer willpower she could get
the horse to travel. If the toy weren’t so well made and
sturdy I’m pretty sure she could pull it over backwards on
herself; as it is, the base is so wide that I simply hover around,
ready to catch.

Maddie also loves bouncing on Horsie, and the higher the better.
Without holding on, of course. At first I tried to get her to hold
on, but quickly gave it up for a lost cause. There’s nothing
sharp lurking around nearby, the ground’s only a foot away,
and I figure that if she falls once, she’ll learn pretty fast
that a cowgirl holds onto the reins.

I wish I had video to post so you could see how high and how fast
she goes, but alas I don’t. Every time I try to get Annie
Oakley on tape she becomes excited about the camera and stops
bouncing. Her best riding, though, isn’t by herself –
it’s with Gamma egging her on and even pushing hard on the
rubber springs to help her get higher. I’ve had to put a yoga
mat underneath the thing to keep it from traveling all over the
hardwood floors, and even then she can sometimes work her way off
the thing.

I’m not sure where this will lead, but know it’s a
fairly serious romance. Maddie got a great book for Christmas
that’s a Texas spin on the Cinderalla story, called target="_blank"
Bubba, the Cowboy Prince, and every time she
reads it she becomes excited about the horses and the riding and
runs straightaway after the conclusion to take Horsie out for a
quick ride.

I’ve gotta figure out how to nip this thing in the bud before
we start talking real ponies and serious dough.


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