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Growing Like A Weed

Yep, we’ve got a family member who
is growing at an astonishing pace. She’s rapidly outgrowing
her seasonal clothing, almost faster than suitable clothing can be
found for her. You could truly say she’s growing like a weed.

If weeds grew sideways and had ridiculously large bellies.

Yes, it’s me. I mean, yes, my
daughter is going through a growth spurt, but that’s to be

And yes, everyone told me that you get big faster during your
second (and third and fourth) pregnancy. I expected to
“pop” sooner, and wasn’t disappointed. I expected
to gain weight faster, and certainly had that expectation fulfilled
as well.

But here I am at 5 ½ months (25 weeks, for all you other
moms who count like that too), and I look like I did when I was 7
½ months last time. Clothing that I had just started to wear
at this point in my last pregnancy is becoming a bit, er, strained,
to say the least. I mean it – I’m pretty darn big.

And all I can think is, How much bigger can I get?????

You know how there’s pants for different stages of the
pregnancy? I’m already wearing a couple of the full-panel
pairs. And when my pride forces me to suck myself into those
low-riding “barely showing second trimester” pants, I
spend most waking moments dreaming of the time when I’ll be
able to take the things off and wallow in my huge pajama bottoms.

I spent most of my first pregnancy listening to everyone from good
friends to total strangers say, “You’re how far along
again? Wow, you’re really tiny!” With comments like
that, you’re never sure what to do – be insulted
because they’re implying you’re starving your baby, or
be insulted because they’re implying that the only way a
pregnant woman can look good is if she doesn’t really look
pregnant, or be flattered because you’re pregnant and
you’ll take any compliment you can get.

Haven’t heard that sentence once this pregnancy, and somehow
don’t think I’m going to.

Of course, I complain anxiously about it at every OB visit, and she
patiently assures me I’m right on target and not to be
worried. And sure, I’m a bit concerned that I’ll gain
more this pregnancy than last time and not be able to get the extra
weight off.

But – and this is the truth – mostly I’m worried
that I’m gestating some enormous 12 pounder in there. I mean,
I don’t want to cramp my kid’s style, but listen up,
Peanut – You’ve still got to come out of there! Slow
down a bit!


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