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Pregnant, Not Fashion-Dead

On my Top 5s page I offer some of my
favorite maternity wear sites, but I have to give a quick shout-out
(completely unsolicited) one more time to href="http://www.2chix.com/">2 Chix. I got a couple of
their cute maternity tees back when I was in my first trimester
last fall, and they’re still going strong.

When I first picked the tops up, my main
concern was covering the ole muffin top – that roll of fat
you get over the top of your jeans when you’re packing on the
pounds for “insulation” but don’t yet look
pregnant. It’s the point in the pregnancy when any maternity
top you put on looks ridiculous, since it’s got an empty
pouch of material hanging in the front, but any non-maternity top
looks like you still think (erroneously) that you can fit into
those midriffs and acid jeans you wore in high school.

So for the first couple of months, I wore the tops mostly because
they were long enough and didn’t make me feel like a sausage
about to burst its casing. At the same time, the shape was
form-fitting and helped me feel like I wasn’t yet a balloon.

Fast forward to now, when I’ve just started my last
trimester, and frankly I’m amazed I’m still wearing
them. Though I definitely look pregnant, the tops still fit me well
and have miraculously stretched to fit without starting to ride up
in the front over my belly. And while they’re definitely
form-fitting (which by the way, looks better on a pregnant woman
than a shapeless schmata) they’re not so tight that I can see
my, um, looseness in my upper arms; my arms look relatively slender
while not revealing the old back fat over the bra.

And as the cherry on the whipped cream on the sundae (mmm!
Sundae!), these tees are totally cute and hip. I’ve got the
ones that say “href="http://www.2chix.com/shop/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=81">Baby
” and “href="http://www.2chix.com/shop/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=36">We’re
”, and every time I wear them people stop me
and ask where I bought them. I’m thinking of going back for a
couple more in tank tops (I've got my eye on the "target="_blank"
" one) for the spring/summer. My guess is they’ll
make great post-partum tees as well.

Enough said – I know it’s just a t-shirt. But when
you’re pregnant, anything that makes you feel good about the
way you look is worth a little rhapsodizing.


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