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Hydration Salvation

Towards the end of my first pregnancy, I had a hard time drinking enough water to satisfy my OB.  When I was sent for a 28-week ultrasound because of a lack of growth (though I sure felt bigger!), it was discovered I was low on amniotic fluid.  Every visit after that, my doctor did a “slosh check” and would pronounce me “doing well” or “a quart low”.  By the end I was drinking 4 liters a day and still barely keeping Maddie in liquid.

I realize that staying properly hydrated is incredibly important for a pregnant woman; getting enough liquid helps everything from swollen ankles to weird cravings, since oftentimes we’re not actually hungry, but thirsty.  But by the third or fourth liter of the day, I was truly hating the taste of water.  I had a deep desire for root beer, cranberry juice – anything to make the liquid more exiting.

And as we all know, sugar drinks are not a pregnant woman’s friend.  Ignoring the calorie/weight gain issue (as if I really could) there’s always the fear of gestational diabetes lurking around the corner.  Top that off with the fact that I’m hypoglycemic and not supposed to drink anything but water and milk anyway, and it’s “pass the $#@% water” again.

This time around, I’m determined to stay ahead of the fluid check and am downing water before being told to.  Though plain water is still as unappealing as ever by the end of the day, I’ve found my salvation – Hint Water.

There are a lot of “enhanced water drinks” out there these days, but Hint is the only one I’ve found that has an amazing taste, NO calories, and NO artificial sweeteners.  Every other drink I’ve tried has between 25 and 50 calories (those add up!) or an artificial sweetener to make the water more interesting.  Hint water is simply infused with the actual flavors or oils or something – I don’t know what the deal is, truly.  All I know is that my OB ok’d it and I love the way it tastes.

I’ve had a hard time finding Hint in regular stores, though Whole Foods Market carries it.  Good news though – they sell it online!  It took me a while to order online since you can only order by the case and as much as I love the flavors, I don’t want a case of each one.  But I emailed them and they allow customers to mix cases – simply order a case of one flavor, then put in the customer request notes that you’d like a mixed case of flavors x, y, and z.  Best of all, shipping’s free!

Flavor-wise, I love their raspberry-lime, cucumber, and peppermint (the peppermint’s also great for nausea/morning sickness!), but I’ve liked every flavor I’ve tried.  And yes, it is pricey – each 15 oz. bottle costs about as much as a 2-liter of coke.  But I ration myself to one a day and feel indulgent without the guilt.  Maddie’s been eyeing the water bottles curiously but I haven’t let her try it yet – no way am I sharing!

So if you’re trying to find a way to get your liquids in, or even something to help wean your tots off of too much sugary juice, give Hint a try.  But be prepared – it’s pretty addictive.


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