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Sleeping Beauty

I’m once again cautious of jinxing
things by mentioning this, but Maddie’s been sleeping like
the Olympic Gold Medalist in Extended Sleeping recently, and
I’m wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar

Her sleep’s been pretty solid since
about 15 months. Up until then she’d go through a phase of a
week or two when she’d wake up crying, needing me to go in
and hold her, a couple times a night. Then she’d sleep well
for a few weeks, then back to the disruptions. But around 15 months
her sleeping really leveled out and now even if she wakes she puts
herself back to sleep pretty quickly. Only if she asks for me do I
go in these days, and usually it’s a quick snuggle and
she’s back to bed. And these instances occur maybe a few
times a month. In general, though, she’s a twelve-hour
sleeper with a decent nap taken uncomplainingly for about an hour
each afternoon.

I think I mentioned about a week ago that
her nap seemed in jeopardy: we’d been confined indoors for a
streak of bitter cold weather and she just wasn’t getting the
activity she’d been used to. So she’d go down for her
nap fine but bounce right back up about a half-hour later. And as
her mornings began creeping earlier by an hour or so, I’ll
admit, I was worried.

Just a few days ago, though, she became a champion sleeper, acting
as if she was out to break the world’s record for most hours
slept in the shortest amount of time. She’s taken to sleeping
about 13 hours at night, then going down for a THREE HOUR nap.
Every morning she gets up so late I’m convinced we
won’t see any nap, but every afternoon she’s ready and

Maddie doesn’t seem to have any listlessness or other signs
that would lead me to think she’s fighting off some sort of
bug. When she’s awake she’s full speed ahead and in an
incredibly charming mood; this sleep thing clearly agrees with her.
So I’m wondering if this is a growth spurt – either
happening or about to happen. Any of you experienced anything like

Believe me, I’m not complaining; being in my last trimester,
I’m happy to have time every afternoon to put my feet up for
a bit. I’m really hoping this phase lasts, oh, a couple of
years or so, but I’m guessing it won’t. But don’t
think I’m not enjoying it while it lasts!


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