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Edible Announcements

As I prepare for peanut’s arrival, I have been going through my to-do list and doing the appropriate amount of over-stressing on each item. I’m astounded at the amount of things I got done during my first pregnancy, and have to constantly remind myself that oh yes, I didn’t have a child yet to take care of! So this time around the list is considerably shorter – partly because we’ve got a lot of things done already (no need to do a baby registry, for example) and partly because I’m simply learning to let go of my unreasonable expectations.

One of the things I’m still insisting on, though, is doing the baby announcement thing. I know not everyone does it these days, but I personally love getting a paper announcement in the mail with a little picture of the wrinkled old man or woman who’s the newest addition to a friend’s family. I’ve abolished Christmas cards as being too time-consuming, but I press forward with these birth announcements. If nothing else, they’re a great keepsake for baby’s album, but most of all they’re a way to stay in touch with friends that simply don’t hear from me unless it’s a momentous occasion.

And finally, the reason I allow myself the luxury of birth announcements is that, if I’m being totally honest, I don’t have to do them. I get my mailing list database together, along with the details of the announcement ordering, and send it off to my dad well before the baby’s due date. Give him a call after the kid’s born with all the particulars, and bada bing bada boom, the announcements magically appear in everyone’s mailbox about two weeks later. Thanks, Dad and Sally!

I loved the announcements we used last time and we’ll probably do some variation on that; the company is low-cost, easy to deal with, and family-run, which I love to support. But I have to confess to my two thousand closest cyberfriends that I almost went another direction purely because of one thing – chocolate. In doing my best to keep up on all things baby (for your sake, girls, not mine, of course!) I’ve stumbled across a couple of the coolest announcements out there – and edible!

First, and probably my favorite in the design department, are miniature Hershey bars with your baby’s info printed on it. Send in your info and presto, you get a “HERESHEIS” or “HEREHEIS” bar with baby’s stats written on the back, as well as cute things like “Ingredients: sugar and spice and everything nice” written on the back. You can also personalize even more, doing photos or templates with sports, ballerina, etc. themes on it. With real Hershey bars inside, it’s the sort of thing I’d order 100 of and never send out, leaving only a pile of 99 wrappers next to the nursing table and one lone bar dutifully (though a bit resentfully) frozen to give to peanut when I pass on her baby book. Or wait, maybe I could just paste the empty wrapper into her baby book . . .

The other site I found is My M&Ms and yes, you can personalize those as well. You can pick from about 50 different colors, and print baby’s name on the m&ms or simply “It’s a girl!” Again, I love the idea, but know I’d fail in the execution portion; definitely the sort of thing I’d have to farm out to a non-chocolate lover to get done.

So if you’re looking for something different and unique to use for birth announcements, think about those options. And if you choose one of them, let me know and I’ll send you my address. I love to get birth announcements. Especially edible ones.


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