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Guess We Can't Call Her Peanut Any More

So great news at the OB’s office today – I’ve officially gained weight and am darn happy about it. Never thought I’d say that in my life.

Yes, the sonogram showed that Peanut is now proportional, though still a week behind. The doctor is ecstatic and so am I, since I don’t have to go on bed rest now. She’s also given me the OK to go back to my normal eating habits, thank God. I’ve felt so sluggish and tired from the extra calories (not to mention the work of eating every 30 minutes to accommodate my pea-sized pregnancy stomach) that I’m anxious to return to “normal”. My doctor’s warned me that if I stall weight-wise again she’ll make me add a bit back in, and added that this was an important week for Peanut; now that she’s got a bit more meat on her bones Doc won’t be too worried if I go into labor sooner rather than later.

Of course now that I don’t have to worry about Peanut being too small, I’ve moved on to that Labor Nightmare Scenario Number 32: Having to Push Out a Sumo Wrestler. When I asked the doctor what the sonogram said Peanut weighed right now, she said happily, “Four pounds ten ounces!”

Considering that I’d just recently read that from here on out the baby gains about a pound a week, I almost fell out of the stirrups. At 34 ½ weeks, I’m on target to be pushing out an 11-pound baby! Time to go on a bit of a diet, I found myself thinking quietly.

Apparently not quietly enough, though: the doctor saw my worried face and said, “Guess you read the one-pound-a-week statistic, huh? Don’t worry – it’s actually between a quarter of a pound and a pound a week. No way that baby’s gaining a pound a week, at the rate she’s been going.”

With my mind (somewhat) eased I grabbed my cell phone to announce the good news – Mommy got fatter! Yippee! Go, Peanut, go!

Though I guess we can’t call her Peanut any more. Maybe we’ll call her Macadamia nut from now on: round, full of fat and highly addictive.


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