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Outfit By Maddie

Madeleine’s definitely taken her love of accessorizing to a new level recently. She’s always enjoyed picking out a cute purse to carry around, or a scarf to play drape over her shoulders, but she’s recently become deeply concerned about her “finishing touches” before she heads out to the park in the morning. Once again confirming that my kid’s, shall we say, unique, here are a few of my favorites, along with the explanations –

21_months_073.jpgThis one’s classic. First, we have a simple denim jacket, shoes that were too small with NO SOCKS, but for some reason she still saw the necessity to pick out the fur-lined hat. Imagine the looks I got that day, letting her go out like that. And can I say, it was about 60 degrees out.





21_months_094.jpgHere we see the beginning of two current obsessions – her sunglasses, and her Vincent shoes. She’s always worn the Velcro-behind-the-head sunglasses, and I picked up a couple pairs of “big girl” sunglasses a couple months ago, which she had steadfastly refused to wear. Then a friend came over for a play date wearing the EXACT ONES Maddie had, and suddenly she can’t get enough of them. Add to that the new shoes – she practically lives in them. It’s a great kids’ brand, very sturdy and well-made. Thank goodness. So here’s the genesis of her daily ritual, captured on film: First, pick out which shades to wear (this day was green, for whatever reason.) Then pick out the shoes. Then add some accessory that will floor Mommy, in this case, mittens. Yep, couldn’t get them on her without crying for many cold months, and suddenly now that the weather turned warmer she’s demanding them.

21_months_104.jpgYet another classic Maddie outfit. The fur-trimmed hat is back (for whatever reason), she again selects the green shades, but this time asks for the white mittens (again, 60 degrees outside.) You’ll also notice she’s back to the old, small shoes, though at least she’s wearing socks.

So that should give you a good idea of what to look for should you ever be in our playground. Easter Sunday she went so far as to accessorize not only herself, but the stuffed duckie that came along for the ride: while Maddie had her Easter hat, heavy coat, mittens, sunglasses,and bunny purse, she tricked Duckie out in a fetching sunhat and her spare pair of shades. Pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

But having to be her assistant and keep up with her demands – “Scarf please! No scarf please! Sunglasses please! Take mittens please! Have mittens please!” – can get old.


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