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Baby's Memory Book

As part of my fast and furious “get
as ready as I possibly can for Peanut’s arrival”
campaign, I’ve been going through Maddie’s baby book
and making sure it’s up-to-date, knowing it’ll suffer
from serious neglect once Peanut shows up. Likewise, I started
filling in Peanut’s own book (as much as you can for a baby
who’s not yet here!) and anticipating her arrival.

I remember when I was pregnant with Maddie, I wanted to find the
perfect baby book. Brian had recently re-discovered his little
memory book and was overjoyed to see it wasn’t simply for
newborns: his book went through at least his fifth birthday. So
when we set out to find a memory book for our first baby, we wanted
to find something that didn’t just have a few spaces for
photos and footprints; we wanted something that would be thorough,
with lots of blanks to fill in and plenty of room to grow.

After extensive pavement-pounding I
finally found the perfect book in an upscale stationer’s
shop. Made by a company called PepperPot, it was truly the book
I’d been looking for and I’ve loved keeping it current
for the past two years. There are pages to record the price of
things when baby was born, who was famous or in the news at the
time, teething records, doctor’s visits, first vacations, and
more. You could be as casual or as obsessive as you like.

So when I got pregnant again I wanted to find another such
wonderful book. Quickly realizing I didn’t have the same time
to devote to scouring the sidewalks, I simply googled
“PepperPot” to find more products by them. They are
frustratingly hard to find and are only carried by a handful of
companies, but I finally found a site that carried a selection of
styles by them and my work was done. The second book is identical
content-wise on the inside, and simply a different girl theme for
the ornamentation. If you’re looking for a memory book for
your child, I highly recommend this brand and style –
you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Click target="_blank"
to see a sample of the type I got (and the company I
ordered from, BabySakes, was great), and judge for yourself. I just
know that our girls will be happy one day to have these books to
look back through.


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