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What's Going To Happen?

With my 39-week appointment tomorrow and a doctor who won’t let me carry to term because of the VBAC statistics, it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll be having this kid within the next few days. And as excited as I know you are for me, there’s at least a glimmer of a thought running through your head that sounds remarkably like, “Yeah, but what about me, the reader? How will I know you’ve delivered? And most important, how am I going to get my 1M2A fix if you’re in the hospital??”

Don’t worry, already. I’m on top of it.

My girlfriend and occasional guest blogger Abby will be keeping you all posted, so you’ll know pretty soon after the big event happens. Since she’s also going to be at the birth for physical and moral support she’s going to be a busy gal so go easy on her!

As far as posting goes post-partum, I’m not quite sure what’ll happen. I’m pretty sure I’ll be too busy weeping and soothing my cracked nipples for a few days (weeks) after the birth to be posting every day, but who knows – perhaps I’ll be sitting at the computer with Peanut in a sling a mere day (week) after the birth, pouring my heart out into cyberspace. If you see a couple posts saying things like, “I’m the worst mother ever” or “What was I thinking?” or “I’m never doing THAT again!” just take them with a grain of hormonal salt.

But hopefully I’ll check in with you all and let you know how new motherhood’s treating me, if not daily at first. I’ve also been writing a few articles to have in my back pocket that I’ll be posting fairly early on as well, so if you read some breezy little composition about a clever thing Maddie is doing these days know it wasn’t written right at that exact minute. I’ve also had several new vendors contact me about some extremely cool-sounding new products for kids that I’m going to be testing out for you soon, so I’ll get you the scoop as soon as I deem it worthy!

And finally, my friend and lactation expert Rebbecca from the Breastchester online nursing shop is writing an article comparing the different types of nursing bras. This one’s a personal favor to me, since when Maddie was born the whole array of choices – nighttime bras, top hooks, center closures, zippers, and more – was incredibly overwhelming to me. Since I live in the tri-state area, she’s going to be popping over post-partum to do a personal nursing bra fitting (no special treatment here – it’s a service her store offers so check it out!) so I’ll be giving you the lowdown on that and all my new nursing bras as well. Because believe me, after 18 months of nursing Maddie I burned all my old nursing bras. If you’re currently in the market, read the excellent article she wrote for my site last year on how to fit a nursing bra before you head to a store.

So between my girlfriend Abby, the articles I’ve been working on ahead of time, the new products coming up, and my upcoming nursing bra experiences and articles, you should be well-covered.

What can I say? I’m a mommy. We believe in being prepared.


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