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Better Than The Real Thing

While surfing the internet a few months
ago in search of the latest and greatest products for us moms, I
came across something I’d never seen before – a product
called Momspit. Intrigued, I delved deeper and discovered
it’s brand spanking new and very unique. After a few emails
back and forth with the inventor (a mom- of course!) I decided to
give it a try and see what exactly this thing is.

Intrigued yet? Check this out –

is a foaming no-rinse cleanser designed for all those times when
you haven’t got a sink handy. Think of any scenario involving
you spitting on a handkerchief/finger/tissue and wiping a
face/hand/nose. This stuff isn’t a sanitizer, it’s a
cleanser and listen: it really works.

I popped a small container into my stroller for those park visits
and found myself using it on more than one occasion. While the
alcohol hand sanitizer is great for germs it doesn’t really
help with a mess, and Momspit got the chalk off of Maddie’s
hands really fast. Likewise it works well with melted ice cream,
muddy hands, ketchup – you get the picture.

I passed the stuff around to my girlfriends, who all gave it thumbs
up but asked this question – Why use Momspit instead of good
old wet wipes? Good question, so I asked Momspit’s inventor.
Here’s what she said –

“We think the advantages over hand wipes are several. There
is no waste with the product. The moussing formula is biodegradable
and the bottle refillable and recyclable. Also, if you use a wipe,
not only do you have to dispose of it, but you can only get so much
cleaning from one wipe, and you don't really want to share it with
anyone else, little or big, who might be walking with you and need
a little cleaning themselves. With MomSpit, you can use as much or
as little as you need anytime and anywhere, and place the bottle
back into your bag, purse or stroller pouch. Plus, the scents are
fresh and appropriate for all ages and both sexes, and the
unscented is perfect for those who don't want their fragrances to
collide, or are allergic to fragrance.”

So there you go. To read more at the product’s website, click
to order, click href="http://store.pacifieronline.com/momspit.html">here.
The scents really are great, by the way. Add in easy to use, good
for the environment, and fun for kids, and you’ve got a
winner. Tuck it in your bag, leave one in the car, and you’ll
never find yourself spitting on your finger again.


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