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A Few Firsts

I spent some of yesterday morning playing
with Cora on her playmat; she’s in such a good mood in the
mornings and is beginning to love trying to kick and bat at the
hanging toys. Maddie and I got ready to hit the park and left Cora
having a good time as Daddy finished putting the breakfast dishes
away in the next room.

A scant sixty seconds later, I get a call on my cell phone from
Brian: “Did you leave Cora on her stomach on the
playmat?” “Of course not,” I replied indignantly.
(What am I, an amateur???) Safety concerns aside, I’d never
leave Cora on her stomach: she’s not, shall we say, a fan of
tummy time and I despair of getting in enough of it.

Silence on the phone.

“Well, then, Cora’s rolled over for the first time,
because I came in the room and there she was, solidly on her


Ok, first off, she’s not quite three months old. I thought I
had another month or so before I had to start lurking around so as
to be on the scene for the First Rollover. Second, the
afore-mentioned aversion to tummy time made me assume she’d
be rolling later rather than soon.

Third, what’s up with this??? She waits for me to leave and
THEN rolls over? How is that fair AT ALL?? MOMMY is the one
who’s been lying on the floor next to her, smiling and
chatting to encourage head movement. MOMMY is the one who’s
been holding up mirrors during tummy time to encourage looking up.
And this is my payback???

I can’t really complain, though, because today Cora did
another first – it’s as if she’s got a baby Book
of Firsts and is simply running down the checklist. Lying naked on
her changing table, Cora was cooing and chatting with me, doing our
back and forth “talking” thing, when apparently I said
something really funny.

Because she laughed.

I can’t believe I ever forgot how amazing a baby’s
laugh sounds. And watching her naked little belly just shake with
joy was icing on the cake. Cora laughed and giggled for a good
sixty seconds over my pithy conversation as I shrieked,
“She’s laughing! Get in here!”

Brian caught the tail end, but missed the main show.

Heh heh.


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