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Pampering Pregnancy Skin

When I first became pregnant with Maddie,
I had women coming out of the woodwork with advice. What to eat,
what not to eat, where to shop, whether or not to breastfeed, you
name it and there was a person with an opinion. Most topics I
expected, but I was astonished at how many women felt the need to
give me “body preservation” advice.

One client immediately wrote down the address of a store that sells
circulation hose; she advised me to start wearing them “RIGHT
AWAY” so I wouldn’t get varicose veins. Another client
was kind enough to feel my boobs and tell me to “kiss their
perkiness goodbye” unless I started sleeping in a jog bra
every night. But this paled in the number and ferocity of comments
I got about stretch marks. Every single woman I met had the
“perfect” solution for avoiding stretch marks. Being
the obsessive researcher I am, I hit the internet and got the
low-down. Want to know the most sure-fire way to avoid stretch
marks when pregnant? Here it is:

Make sure you’re born to a woman who
doesn’t get stretch marks.

Yup, it’s hereditary, and any cream that says it’ll
prevent them is lying. The best you can do is keep your skin soft
and supple and hope that helps with the elasticity. But truthfully,
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or Mother’s Friend Lanolin Skin
Cream – both around five bucks at the drugstore – work
just as well as any sixty-dollar jar.

More than stretch marks, I came to dread Pregnancy Skin –
that dry, tight, almost itchy feeling you get all over, even in
summer. I did the cocoa butter thing on the stomach, but was
miserable on the rest of my body, going through all my various jars
and creams, trying to find something to help.

When I became pregnant with Cora, a friend gave me a jar of target="_blank"
butter, and I gotta tell you, I’ve never looked back. Being
the good girlfriend I am, I’m now passing it on to you and
saying Go Get It.

Here’s the deal – this company makes a small, select,
amazing line of skin pampering products. Their body butters are
all-natural, smell fantastic, and last forever. I loved slathering
the stuff on after a shower or before going to bed. The scents are
phenomenal – not too overpowering, not too sweet or
artificial smelling – and last for a long time.

I think my favorite product of theirs is the body scrub, especially
the Brown Sugar Scrub. It smells like a cookie (a good one!),
scrubs off that dead skin, and leaves you feeling pampered and soft
for hours afterwards. It even comes in a coffee blend – with
real grinds – so you can get your coffee fix vicariously. But
they’ve also got a great line of oils that are perfect for
those pregnant bellies; their peppermint scent is even good for
cutting through some morning sickness!

But Jennifer, you protest, You said earlier that the $5 creams are
just as good as the $60 ones! Why should I shell out for this line?
To answer, let me tell you this story:

When I was around five months pregnant with Maddie, my girlfriend
Bev gave me a gift out of the blue. In the small box was a pretty
silver-and-red bracelet. “What’s this for?” I
asked. “I remember being pregnant,” she replied,
“and not feeling pretty, and new clothes just don’t do
it when you’re feeling chubbier and chubbier. Every pregnant
girl should feel pretty and pampered.”

Until she said this I hadn’t even noticed, but she was
absolutely right. That small, pretty bauble in my life went a long
way to making me feel pretty again. The same goes for my Lalicious
treasures: my skin feels pampered, I smell incredible, and I feel
feminine, soft, lovely.


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