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National Child Health Day

Since the US Department of Health and
Human Services has declared October 1 to be “National Child
Health Day”, I thought I’d take the day to mention one
of my favorite websites – href="http://healthychild.org">Healthy Child Healthy

Let’s face it – we’re not living in the same
world we grew up in. I’m not one of those people that long
for the good ole days when we didn’t have to use seatbelts,
much less car seats. Kids today stand a better chance of surviving
a car crash, avoiding SIDS, and skipping the lead paint snacks. At
the same time, our environment is more crowded with pollutants and
toxins than ever before; new plastics and chemicals not tested on
kids are making their way into our mainstream life in the shape of
toys, cleaners, and even furniture; and even as we come up with
anti-bacterial soap, bacteria come up with a way to be resistant to

So we as parents need to be educated and
informed like never before. Healthy Child Healthy World is a
website dedicated to protecting kids from harmful environmental
exposures, educating parents and challenging communities to make
responsible choices. HCHW is a nonprofit that’s been around
for more than fifteen years, founded by a parent whose child died
of a rare non-hereditary cancer.

You don’t have to be a hemp-wearing, granola-eating, lefty
environmentalist to use this website (not that there's anything
wrong with it). HCHW wants you to be engaged in shaping a healthy
environment for your child – and don’t we all? This
isn’t about saving the whales, it’s about knowing
what’s in the chemicals you use to clean your toilet, and
figuring out if there’s a safer alternative for you to buy.
Trust me – I was skeptical when I first hit upon this
website. But with all the information coming to light about
plastics and unsafe sippy cups and bottles, I went back for a good
read. And learned a lot.

So do your family a favor – just peruse the website a bit. Go
to their home page, then click on Programs, then Overview.
I’ve signed up for their newsletter and have read through
their Five Easy Steps, implementing some of them immediately. Easy
things you can do to change how your family lives. ‘Cause you
know, our kids are worth it.


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