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Hey, It's Good To Be Back Home Again

We’ve finally escaped from Texas
after several vacation extensions, and we almost didn’t make
it out this time. Bad weather here in New York caused several
flights around ours to be canceled, and our own flight was delayed
a couple of hours. Both girls held up well; though our flight
finally took off several hours after Maddie’s regular nap
time, she didn’t melt down beforehand and dozed off pretty
quickly on the plane. The sight of my sweet girl exhausted in her
car seat, Silky clutched in one hand with the other arm wrapped
around Elmo’s neck, is one I won’t soon forget. The
night was clear and cloudless, so the sparkle of city lights
thousands of miles below us out her window gave her a faint
illumination. Truthfully, I sat and stared at her for a long

Cora as well was exemplary: we took over a
corner of the gate’s waiting area and let Cora roam (read:
roll) free for a long time. The whole flight she slept or gooed and
gurgled at everyone she came in eye contact with. So in that
respect, at least, we were fortunate.

We arrived home to a pile of bills, a bigger pile of dirty laundry,
and an even bigger to-do list waiting for me. Here’s a good

Sleep-train Cora. (Notice this is at the top of the list. I gotta
get some sleep. Soon.)

Get going on that whole solid foods thing; we did it a bit before
we left but she wasn’t too interested so I got lazy and
skipped it while in Texas.

Get going on that whole Christmas shopping thing.

Get going on that whole packing to move in six weeks thing.

Notice a trend?

My house is a wreck and I know where nothing is. But it’s
great to sleep between my own sheets again, freshly laundered
though they are not.


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