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Oops, She Did It Again. And Again. And Again.

Cora’s an official seven-month-old,
and I’m entering this month with much trepidation – I
remember vividly when Maddie reached this age.

By seven months Madeleine was pretty much sleeping through the
night, but right at that age she began waking once or twice a night
and needing me to help her back to sleep. This signaled a huge
surge in developmental growth which lasted for three months, much
to my exhausted dismay. I remember those three months in a blur of
new skills, weird tricks, and little habits that almost drove me to

Cora’s definitely following in her
sister’s footsteps on this. She’s consistently waking
twice a night (thanks for nothing, sleep training – it was a
great week while it lasted) screaming in rage at her inability to
sleep. She’ll take a few days of 20-minute naps, then conk
out for a couple hours at a time for a blissful two days or so. She
is singing – a lot- and enjoying experimenting with the
VOLUME OF HER VOICE. Remember that stage? When babies just shriek
for no reason? Loudly? Like fingers on chalkboard?

By far the most annoying new “thing” on her
self-entertainment checklist, though, is the whole
“Let’s drop something on purpose to watch Mommy pick it
up!” Cora will beg for a teething ring, chew for a minute or
two, look calculatedly down, and let go. I’ll lean over pick
it up while she watches intently, hand it back (washed, I know),
and watch her do it again. And again.

And again.

I read somewhere that this is an important milestone – that
Baby isn’t trying to be annoying, she’s simply learning
as she watches you, developing her motor skills by observation. So
I grit my teeth and try not to scream, “Stop doing that on
purpose!” Nor do I think Child Protective Services would look
kindly on my idea of a lasso (also known as a Potential Choking
Hazard) tying the toy around her neck from a string. But a girl can
daydream, after all.

Some of the things she does over and over are cuter and keep me
going; she’s got a thing right now about her feet. She loves
having them in her mouth, of course, and will strain to reach them
if they’re blocked off somehow – say, with a high-chair
tray. But she is adamant that she at least be able to see the
little piggies and will scream bloody murder if you try to cover
them up with socks. Angrily she’ll pull the socks right back
off, and you can almost feel the huffiness dripping off her back as
she does so. (“If I’d WANTED my socks on, I’d
have LEFT THEM ON, idiot! What am I, six months old??”) I
enjoy watching these antics and can even tolerate the shrieking
that accompanies them, since it’s no work for me to simply
tune her out.

This bending over thing, though, has got to go. Mommy’s not
as young as she used to be.


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