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The Countdown Continues

In keeping with my effort to be deliberate
about our traditions and what they teach our kids, I’ve
started a new one this year based on the typical Advent calendar
– you know, those paper things with windows to open and
pictures to see which help you count down to Christmas.

Last year I knew I wanted to find a permanent Advent calendar we
could re-use every year, becoming part of our family traditions. I
wanted a religious one, rather than a “hang a new present on
the Christmas tree” type of calendar or toy. I finally found
one that fit the bill at Constructive Playthings; with my
cheapskate patience, I waited until after Christmas and bought it
on sale for this year.

The calendar is a wooden picture frame of
boxes to open, one each day. In the “picture” part of
the frame is a blank nativity scene, and in each box is another
character of the nativity – angel, star, shepherd, and so
forth. The only thing missing was scripture verses; when we had
Advent calendars growing up there was a different Christmas
scripture behind each window. So I went through the boxes with a
label maker and printed out a different scripture for each day,
then introduced it to Maddie.

We visit this tradition every night right before dinner; I find the
scripture verse of the day, Brian holds the scene, and Maddie opens
the door, takes out the figure, and attaches the magnet-backed
figure to the metal scene. Maddie was confused at first, wanting to
open all the doors at once and play with the “toys”,
but now she looks forward to it at every dinner and reminds me to
read while she places the daily player. I look forward to a few
years from now when the girls take turns doing the nightly honors,
and even further down the road when they know the verses by heart
as we place the people in the nativity.

If you’ve been looking for something likehref="http://www.constplay.com/cgi-bin/constplay_cgi.sh/WService=constplay/constplay.com/family/product.htm?stateInfo=YaeFjlchcjrlaldc4191|1&dept_id=16&pf_id=KA-6L&parent_id=">
that you can re-use again and again, I highly
recommend it; check it out for yourself.

Maddie knows that the baby Jesus is behind the last door, and is
excitedly counting down the number of doors left between now and
the baby. I know part of it’s simply excitement about
Christmas and presents, but hopefully she’s consistently
associating Christmas with Christ’s birth through this, and
can see it in a very tangible way.

Four more doors to go!


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