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Working The Accessories Angle

Both of my girls were born without much
hair to speak of – I guess it’s just a family thing.
And when Maddie was a baby, I didn’t want to be one of those
women who glue a bow to their bald kid’s head, so I waited
until Maddie actually needed one before trying the hairclip thing.

Big mistake. By that time, Maddie was perhaps 18 months old and had
definite opinions about what did and didn’t look good, and
hair accessories fell soundly in the latter column. I spent the
next six months trying to coax any type of hair accessory onto
Madeleine’s head, having success at first with the head band,
then alligator clips, then (still reluctantly) the elastic rubber
bands. The fights were not small, but I kept trying since the
alternative was a face full of floppy hair and a girl who kept
running blindly into walls.

So when Cora proved to be just as
hair-challenged a baby as Maddie was, I knew I’d have to
become one of those women who use those infant hair accessories for
seemingly no reason. Since Cora was about eight months old
we’ve been clipping tiny bows into the wispy curls on her
head, and they’re mildly tolerated, though they don’t
last long since there’s so little for them to grab on to.

Maddie, however, has quickly become an accessory convert and spends
a decent amount of time in the morning coordinating her hair
accessories with her outfits, mulling over hairbow styles or even
rubber band colors. So when I recently found a new line of hair
accessories geared towards picky girls, I knew I’d have to
give it a try.

target="_blank">Bugalug carries a big range of alligator
hair clips – Maddie’s favorites on account of the
“ouchless” factor. They also come in extremely cute
styles, with a huge range of prints and ribbons to choose from. But
the best part of their clips is that they’ve got a grip
lining on them, so I’m not constantly adjusting the clips ten
times a day. The no-slip rubber strips aren’t painful, they
simply keep that fine baby hair from slipping through the clip.
Even though the clips don’t have big bows on the end (and
Maddie does love her bows, which I blame entirely on the fact that
we now live in Texas) Maddie’s deemed them good enough to go
into heavy rotation, and the no-slip works even on Cora’s
(lack of) hair.

Their other cool product is the headband – just a pretty
ribbon, but with a sliding clip on the end that makes adjusting and
fitting really easy. When Maddie first got it she wore the thing
several days in a row, entranced with how easy her hair style was.
So if you’re shopping for something that’ll work on
shiny young hair but isn’t covered in Disney Princesses,
check Bugalug’s website out.

As for Cora, we’re plugging away – I even managed to
get a Pebbles-style ponytail out of her four hairs today, sticking
straight up off her head.

With a coordinated rubber band, selected by big sister, natch.


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