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C Note

Well, we knew this had to happen some
time. I mean, with a family like this one, it was only a matter of
time, and now there’s no going back.

Yes, Cora’s started singing.

Catch Cora in a good mood and chances are
you’ll find her humming her favorite tune –
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. You’ll often see
her puttering – there’s no other word for it – in
her play kitchen, singing snatches of her favorite song, while I
get breakfast going. Tell her to play quietly by herself as the
adult packs up kid gear for an outing, and she’ll plop down
in the living room and busily put things in and out of boxes, all
the while crooning to herself.

I’m not quite sure how she learned “Twinkle,
Twinkle” – it’s not like we all walked around the
house day in and day out, belting it at the top of our lungs. But
that’s definitely her first preference, and you can clearly
tell it’s not the “ABC Song”; if you listen
closely, you can pick out some of the words. And of course, you can
ask her: “Cora, are you singing the ABC Song?”
“Naah.” “Are you singing Twinkle, Twinkle?”

Maddie, of course, thinks this is the coolest thing EVER –
look, I have a new toy! And it sings! – and is constantly
encouraging Cora (not that she needs encouragement). And thanks to
a combination of Maddie and activity tables that make music, Cora
has expanded her repertoire to include “The Farmer In the
Dell” and “Old MacDonald”. Though for the most
part on “Old MacDonald”, Cora simply stomps around the
house belting, “Eee I Eee I Oooh!”

While charming and adorable at first, I’m a bit frustrated
having that stupid song stuck in my head 24/7. Being totally honest
here, I’d have to say that Cora is humming or singing a good
six hours out of the time that she’s awake. Each day. Yes,
she’s on pitch(ish), and yes, she’s getting a handle on
the words, but please: let’s expand the repertoire. Know any

And the worst part – ok, the only bad part, because
let’s face it, a fifteen-month-old singing anything at all is
pretty darn adorable – is that Cora’s repeating
something Maddie did when she started singing, much to my

When Cora begins singing, I’ll wait a bit to figure out which
song, then join in with her. (It’s in my blood. Hear a tune,
gotta sing. Annoys some people at nice restaurants. Or grocery
stores.) And just as I get into the song, likely as not Cora will
toddle over, place a hand gently on my mouth and say, “Mama.

I used to get great reviews in Chicago. Maybe I’ll go back


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