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What A Difference A Day Makes

So over this past week I’ve
commented on how Maddie has given up on using the potty, and how
Cora seems to be through the worst of the poison ivy and sleepless

Me and my big mouth.

First, the good news – Maddie spontaneously decided to give
the potty a try again yesterday, using it with great success twice
in a row.

I’m sure my repeated mention of cookies had nothing to do
with it.

But whatever the reason, she spent the
last half of the day exclusively using the potty, declaring happily
around a mouthful of cookie sprinkles, “I’m never using
the diapers again!” I now take such statements with a grain
of salt, but at least she’s given it another try and seen
that not all potty time ends with a wet floor.

So that was one toddler reversal: no sooner had I written of her
potty boycott than she jumped back in. Cora had a reversal, too,
but that one falls in the not-so-good category.

Remember how she took that amazing three-hour nap this week, and
seemed to pop a tooth, and was sleeping at night again?

Yeah, I was wrong about all that.

Though I could have sworn I saw a tooth in there, I’ve felt
in vain for a sharp edge on that gum. And she’s once again
cranky, so something’s still coming in. Last night, too, was
the worst in a long while, and that’s saying a lot.

For whatever reason, Cora woke abruptly at 4:15 a.m. – and
this after Maddie had summoned me into her room at 3:30 to help
find her Silky. Cora began screaming that “I’ve lost my
Mommy! I’VE LOST MY MOMMY!” scream she’s had
going on recently, the one that I know will not end until I go in.
So I went in, and a mere twenty minutes later was back in my bed.
Until she woke again at 5:30, needing another “quick”
reassurance. When at 6:30 I heard her screaming yet AGAIN, I tried
to remember why exactly I wanted kids in the first place. I spent
an hour trying to convince her to go back to sleep, but she clung
like a leech every time I put her down. I even tried bringing her
into bed with me and she refused to go back to sleep, simply
staring at my face and patting me all over. So Cora and I were
basically up at 4:15 a.m., and I was counting the seconds to

Unfortunately, that didn’t go any better. Forty-five minutes
of rocking, and Cora would only sleep if I held her. In despair, I
finally put her down wide awake, knowing she’d scream. Which
she did.

For an hour and a half.

Cora finally fell into an exhausted sleep, passing out for a couple
of hours. I, of course, could not sleep at all after listening to
the heart-breaking screaming, and stumbled about the rest of the
day. I truly do not understand how this child can operate on so
little sleep; nor do I understand why she has such an absolute and
intense need to be NEAR me. I’m trying to be patient;
it’s obviously beyond sleep-training and I’m hoping
she’ll outgrow it. But I look back on Maddie at 15 months,
and how she was sleeping twelve hours at a stretch with no
interruptions, and contrast that with Cora’s ten hours a
night punctuated by several wakings. I simply can’t believe
she’s over a year old and I’m thrilled if I get five
hours of sleep in a row. She has to sleep sometime, right? All kids
start sleeping through the night at some point, right? I mean, look
at teenagers, right?

So I’ve learned my lesson for the week: never assume
anything’s permanent. Maddie’s back in the saddle, and
Cora’s back in the insomnia room. And Mommy’s one step
closer to the loony bin.


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