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What's-For-Dinner Wednesday

Many of you know I subscribe to target="_blank"
magazine, the quick-and-easy cousin of Martha
Stewart Living. Every month when it arrives I go through and
dog-ear several pages, then go back over it throughout the month as
I do my meal-planning so my new recipes don’t languish

There’s only so many things you can do with a chicken in
under half an hour, so you occasionally despair of finding a good
“new” recipe. And I do a fair amount of stir-frying,
and often find that “Everyday Foods” stir-fry recipes
aren’t quite up to snuff; their chicken ends up dry or sheds
in the sauce or something along those lines. All the “Orange
Chicken” or “Sweet and Sour Chicken” recipes seem
to be poor stand-ins for the real thing, mostly because these poor
editors are trying to make those deep-fried meals a bit more
heart-healthy, and taste gets lost. But hope springs eternal, so I
often give their recipes a go.

All this to say that I found a new
stir-fry recipe yesterday that I’ll definitely be adding to
my regular rotation – A Lighter General Tso’s Chicken.
Skinless chicken breast, easy prep, and just the right amount of
cornstarch makes the stir-fry relatively easy and surprisingly
tasty. If you give it a go and have little ones, a word to the
wise: Maddie loved it, but Cora bit full-force into a red-pepper
flake and kept signing “hot” over and over while tears
ran down her face. The recipe calls for a ½ teaspoon, but
I’d consider either cutting back a bit or
“cleaning” off the pieces you give to the young ones.
And one more alteration – the recipes calls for snow peas,
but I made it with sliced carrots because that’s what was in
the drawer. Any stir-fry veggie will do fine. I kept the Asian(ish)
theme going with mandarin oranges, and both girls cleaned their

Enjoy, and let me know how it turns out!


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