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No, This Is Not A Rerun

Can you believe it? We're all sick again.

Yep, we'd been limping along with another mild cold from last
week, when Cora up and threw up all over the back seat on our way
home from church Sunday. There was a bit of diarrhea that day, but
no more vomiting, and we all thought it was just one of those

Then I got this stomach bug Monday night and was out of commission
all Tuesday, with my mother not far behind me. Brian held out until
Tuesday evening, but spent all Wednesday in bed. The girls have run
wild the past couple of days, with barely enough supervision
between us all to keep them from playing with matches. The house is
a wreck and Maddie and Cora have been living off of macaroni and

Both girls' colds seem to have intensified, much to my chagrin,
and I came down with their cold on Wednesday. And I swear Cora's
eyes started weeping Wednesday afternoon, but so far nothing red or
pinkish about the eye. Maddie's been incredibly sweet, offering to
fix me all manner of her favorite treats, running down a list of
foods she thought might help me even as the descriptions sent me
running for the bathroom. And both girls brought Daddy crackers and
jell-o in bed and have tried to give him wide berth.

The good news is that both girls seem to be ok other than the
snotty colds; we're hoping Cora had it briefly on Sunday and that
it skips Maddie. We've got fresh sheets and clean-up towels piled
in the hallway just in case, though.

The bad news is that we may have to move, just to escape the war
zone of toys that is our house.

That, and after these few days of blue-box heaven, I may not ever
get a vegetable past their lips again.


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