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Ok, Now I Feel Bad

I took Maddie in to the doctor on Friday
for a mild rash, and in the course of ruling out causes they did a
strep test. And guess what? Yep, it was positive.

Cora was along for the ride, and even though neither girl was
showing any symptoms, I asked the doctor to test Cora as well. You
can imagine the outcome.

So it turns out I wasn’t the only
one with strep last week. Of course I spent most of the week
rejoicing at how both girls were healthy, and going on playdates
(sorry in advance, everyone, if you got sick!) only to find out we
weren’t healthy after all. Which means I spent Friday calling
our playdates and giving them the bad news.

And now, knowing that both girls were sick, I feel awful at how fed
up I got with their behavior last week. Cora especially really got
on my nerves (see the last blog!) and I wonder if their actions
were at least partly due to the fact that they were, you know,
sick. True, they had no sore throat or fever or rash, but still
– just the act of fighting the disease had to be wearing
their bodies down, and Maddie especially was doing some heavy-duty

This has been a weird strep bug, with me and Cora having it twice
and Maddie joining the bandwagon late in the game. I had a sore
throat both times, and felt tired but not hugely so. It seems to be
a particularly silent strain of the disease, and if it
weren’t for the very serious complications that can come from
strep – can you say heart disease, anyone? – I’d
have let it ride its course, at least as far as my sore throat

We’re taking no chances in this household now: Brian and my
mom both went for strep tests, which both turned up negative, but
since those tests aren’t 100% accurate we asked them to be
sent out for the more accurate test which takes longer. And Sunday
morning, after the girls had been on antibiotics 48 hours, we
cleaned EVERYTHING – straw cups, milk glasses, silkies,
pacifiers, you name it. And the toothbrushes went in the trash,
which you know stresses me out since they were relatively new.

I’m hoping this does it, and we’re going to be done
with our winter illnesses. Otherwise, we’re going to have to
take drastic action. Do you know any sterile bubbles that are
move-in ready?


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