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Maddie seems to be a bit better on the
obedience front, which I always hate to say because it’s like
that part of the movie where the girl goes out in the dark forest
and you scream at the screen, “Don’t go out in the
forest! There’s a killer there!” because you can smell
the danger; only this time you’re screaming at the computer
screen, “Don’t write that it’s getting better!
There’s a big crash ahead!”

But I’m saying it, because I have faith in my girl that
she’s pulling herself together. A rough few days of
almost-constant discipline are behind us, and I’m hoping
we’re going to soon be able to narrow down our number of
breaks each day from around 30 to, oh, one or two.

I’ve heard from a few of you that
the disobedience thing comes in waves, so perhaps we’re going
to have a lull for a while. I’d sure appreciate that. At
least part of the reason, I think, for her unruliness is that she
hasn’t had a really great nap since Saturday, and I fear that
at nearly four years old Maddie is finally giving up the nap for
good. She still lies in her bed for the prescribed time, but I
don’t think she’s sleeping and she’s hollow-eyed
by the evening. So who can say.

At any rate, I’m crossing my fingers that the weekend will be
better. I’m about at the end of my rope, and between her
draining me mentally during the day and Cora’s bouts with
nightmares draining me physically at night, I’m worn out.
I’ll let you know on Monday if we’re into a lull.

Or not.


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