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What Have I Started?

Remember Maddie and Cora’s romp
through the muddy waters last week?

Yeah, so do they.

Friday evening the girls were bored and
called Elise to come over and play after dinner. The three girls
were happily playing in our cul-de-sac, drawing with chalk and
finding doodle bugs, when they spied – the puddles.

I know, I know, I should have seen it coming. But I (mistakenly)
thought they’d gotten the mud thing out of their system, and
(naively) thought they’d overlook the puddles.

Right – how dumb am I?

The clogs came off and the girls went splashing, with the
inevitable results – a dash of mud here, a sprinkle of dirty
water there. The good news is that they weren’t irrevocably
dirty – we’re not talking unsalvageable. And the better
news is that no one got naked – they haven’t linked
fun-in-the-puddle with an automatic lack of clothing.

Though they did ask.

But at the end of the evening they were definitely in need of a
bath, and the clothes had to come off as soon as they got in the
door. And even worse than my increased laundry load is the
exponential increase in the amount of begging now related to the
outdoors, mud, puddles, and general nakedness.

We had some of the worst storms of the year (and that’s
saying a lot) over the weekend, with the tornado sirens going off
and our obligatory retreat into the closet on Saturday, and yet the
girls’ first question was always: “But can we go
outside and play in the rain?”

“No, honey, the golf-ball sized hail will give you a

“No, it won’t!”

So I now have to live with the pleas for rainboots and general
muddy mayhem on a daily basis, and have promised that after the
next round of storms pass in the coming day or so we’ll go
puddle-hunting with rainboots in hand.

I’m gonna draw the line with the naked thing, but I
can’t promise I’ll stay on this side of it.
They’re so darn cute.


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